Sequined Prom Dresses

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What are Sequined Prom Dresses

Sequined Prom Dresses are so beautiful! Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Summer is here and school is over but I think it's not too early to talk about prom dresses, probably a lot of you have only one year left til graduation and prom so I decided to share a fantastic web shop I found that offers wide range of prom dresses.
In this post, I will only focus on sequined prom dresses because I think they have became a huge trend this year. If you want to see more dresses that are or aren't sequined, check out the web shop I will be talking about today - . 

Let's get into this!

Sequined Prom Dresses
Sequined Prom Dresses

Open back dresses are really popular right now and this one looks gorgeous! So elegant and classy. It's a mermaid style dress and it has a sweep train, the one that's not too long but still looks gorgeous. 

Click on the photo of the dress to take you to the product page where you can see more photos of this one!

The next one I want to share with you is a lot similar to the first one but I think it's more covering dress, it doesn't have open back or the front part. The front part is actually really cute and I think it would look really good in person,too. It's a floor-length dress so it doesn't have a train, for those of you who don't consider train as a good style for the prom evening because of the dancing and all of that. It's also available in lots of different colours and to see them, be sure to click on the photo to take you to the product page!

Almost the same dress as the first one but I have noticed this one has a tie detail on the neck and it's sequined but in red colour. Do you like this one? I think it's one of those dresses which you either hate or love. 
The best thing about this web shop is that you can choose between multiple different colours and the dress will be made for you. Isn't that amazing? To check it out, click on this dress to take you to the product page. 

Sequined Prom Dresses

And a little bit different one for the end. This one has a sequined upper part and the rest is normal plain material. It also has a detail which looks like a belt on the waist, that's really cute.
On this web shop,you can choose the tailoring time of your dress and your custom sized and tailored dress can be done in just six to eight days. To check this dress out, click on it so it will lead you to the product page. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have enjoyed this post, and if you did, be sure to let me know down below by telling me which one of this dresses is the most beautiful one to you?
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


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  1. Jakoo lijepe haljine,mada je treca vise moj fazon. 😉

  2. Wow..Those dresses are beautiful!Its perfect on a night time occasions.

  3. Omg, such a beautiful dresses <3

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  4. Sve tri haljine su bukvalno čarobne! Mislim da mi je favorit druga, pošto obožavam crvenu boju a i sam model haljine je fantastičan. Što se sajta tiče, prvi put čujem za njega, ali deluje fino, i ima stvarno fenomenalne haljine. ❤️

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  5. Great post! I love the dresses ♥

  6. Prve dve haljine su me ostavile bez teksta,ali bukvalno. Nisam neki preterani ljubitelj sljokicastih haljina ,ali ovo je savrsenstvo.


  7. very beautiful dress! <3
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  8. Beautiful dresses, the first one is fantastic!

  9. Love this. Such a nice post. :)

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  10. Amazing blog,amazing dress.Beautifoul fotography. Love,love.Gratulations.Please look my blog end

  11. This dresses are gorgeous! I really like this type of dresses. They are so elegant!

  12. All these dresses are stunning!

  13. Ja sam inače tip odobe koji voli više klasični stil odjevanja, sa dozom ženstvenosti i otmenosti...ALI ta prva, sirena haljina.... oduševljena sam. :) Odličan post i odlična selekcija.

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    Odličan post, draga. :)

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  16. Oooh, kako su lepe ove haljine. Pravi raj za mene. ❤️ |