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Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I am back with new and interesting posts on my blog! The weekend has finally came and I hope I will manage to write at least three or four posts which I will be publishing next week.
For today's post, I will share with you one web shop called FashionMia where you can find cute shift dresses, and there are also some sales going on there so you can find maxi dresses on sale for really affordable prices, so be sure to check them out!
In this post, I will share with you a few of these dresses just to give you an example of what can be found on FashionMia.

This lovely dress can be found in multiple colours, such as light gray (as on the photo), yellow, army green and blue. 
Worldwide shipping is available on FashionMia so wherever you live in the world, they can ship to you on low rates.

This gorgeous off shoulders dress is available in black, gray and red, I think, and it costs only $27.95 which is truly amazing. I think it could also make a lovely prom dress.

These two are more of a daily dresses but so cute and elegant. I think they are really affordable and pretty so be sure to check them out!

That was all for this post, I really hope you've enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading!
Love you all and talk to you really soon!


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  1. Great selection! Lovely dresses ♥
    Have a nice weekend! xx

    Check my New post

  2. Dobar izbor, jako mi se dopada druga po redu haljina. :)

    Novi post je na mom blogu ---> Antes Que No


  3. Mnogo su lijepe haljine. Ne mogu odlučiti koja mi se najviše dopada. Sve bih uzela haha <3 Prelijep post draga :*

  4. I loved your selection, the dresses are beautiful <3
    Have a happy weekend

  5. Predivne haljine! 😍 Posljed ja mi se posebno sviđa! ❤

  6. Mnogo mi se dopadaju stvari koje si predstavila u ovom postu, a posebno ova crvena haljina. Takođe i sam sajt nudi mnogo divnih stvari ❤️❤️❤️

    I follow you ----> Marija's blog

  7. Vildana,uvijek izaberes odlicne fotke,svaka cast draga moj,odlicno
    Ako zelis svrati do mog bloga i ostavi komentar,znaci mi ,usput izasao je novi post,nadam se da ce Vam se svidjeti .Srdacan pozdrav od mene **

  8. Odličan izbor draga Vildana! Izdvojila bih ovu crvenu haljinu, prekrasna je, a u posljednje vrijeme nekako baš volim sve u crvenoj boji. Inače mislim da FashionMia ima super izbor kada su haljine i svečane stvari u pitanju . ☺♥

  9. Very beautiful choices! SO cute! My favorite is the first dress!

    Inside and Outside Blog