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Hello my beautiful readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I have been publishing a lot lately about different web shops because I don't really have time to write you longer posts. But, this weekend, I'll try my best to write several great posts to be able to provide you amazing content in the next week. I hope you are looking forward to it!

So, for this post, I am presenting you one of many web shops online where you can find stunning wholesale dresses  called Dear-fashion. But, I find this one really affordable so I wanted to share it with you.

You can basically find any of these wholesale club dresses under or around $10 which sounds unbelievable because all of them look pretty quality and worth a lot more money.
This is probably one of the seasons where the clubs are visited the most (except Summer) around holidays and New Year Eve's so I am hoping this post will help you choose where you'll be getting your outfits for that occasions from. I am sure you'll find a few wholesale sexy dresses on Dear-fashion for yourselves. 

So that was all for this post! Be sure to check Dress-fashion out and tell me your thoughts about it in the comments down below! 
Love you all to the moon and back! Talk to you really soon!


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  1. Haljine su predivne! Naročito mi se sviđaju sada jer sam tek sada počela mnogo da ih nosim haha :D

  2. Love these dresses!! Specially the number 3 !! <3 Great selection!!

  3. Your blog looks so nice.. fall leaves.. Time for snow flakes now :D

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

    Maybe you’d like to see my new post: 5 virtues to live a Healthy Life + Blue Stripes Bow top

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    Much Love
    Fictitious Fashion

  4. great post!
    Only the most beautiful dresses glamchase prom dress sites reviews are thought for a perfect beauty like you!Let us buy sexy dresses for great day.


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