How Actress Melissa Bolona Celebrated 100K Followers on Instagram

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The Melissa Bolona Instagram account has more than 100,000 followers, but Melissa Bolona is more than just Internet famous.  Just look at the Melissa Bolona IMDb page.  Melissa has acted in several films, including The Hurricane Heist and The Year of Spectacular Men.  She also appeared in a recent issue of the Telegraph, which showed her black nylon coat as an example of winter fashion.  For someone so young, Melissa Bolona has already had a very eventful career.
What’s Next for Melissa Bolona?
Melissa Bolona celebrated reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram by continuing to be awesome.  She is busy getting ready for the release of her latest film, The Hurricane Heist.  Melissa herself has a supporting role in the film, which is connected to some very famous names.  For example, the film’s director, Rob Cohen, was instrumental in bringing the Fast and the Furious franchise to life.  Maggie Grace, who plays one of the protagonists, had a major role on Lost.  Since it is connected to people with a background in suspenseful and action-packed stories, the movie should be a real thrill.
Melissa Bolona’s Other Activities
The Hurricane Heist is not the only movie Melissa Bolona has recently finished filming.  She also played a role in Juvenile, which stars former Glee actors Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner.  During production, the movie was known as Billy Boy.
Melissa Bolona’s Instagram followers are well aware of her many interests and activities.  Besides acting in movies, she has an active career modeling and writing about fashion.  She is also very well-traveled; her recent travels to Bulgaria were for the filming of her movie The Hurricane Heist.  She also uses her considerable social media presence to draw attention to philanthropic causes that she considers important.

There are so many reasons to follow Melissa Bolona on Instagram.

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