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Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you? I hope you are doing fine!
In this post, I will introduce you a web shop I recently found out about. It is called EaseWholesale . 

On EaseWholesale you can find Wholesale Jewelry From China . On the photo up there you can see some Wholesale Fashion Jewelry that can be found on this web shop. The prices are really affordable and surprising because the items seem to be pretty quality and fashionable.  
I picked up to share with you and recommend you this interesting watch which can be found with other cute watches in the category of Wholesale Watches which I'm highly recommending you to check out because you'll be surprised with what you can get under $10.
This owl necklace would be a perfect adding to any outfit especially for the autumn season when they are really popular. Last, but not least, on this photo, you can see Pandora style of bracelet with bunch of cute pendants. This bracelet is really wonderful and so affordable, so be sure to check that out,too.
I think they offer international shipping which doesn't take a lot, so if you are looking for a web shop you'll be able to order now and get your items delivered to you within few days, you should choose EaseWholesale.

That was all for this post! Really hope you've enjoyed and liked it!
I wish you wonderful ending of this week!
Love you all so ,so ,so much and HUGE thank you for helping me reach 160k page views on my blog, it means SO MUCH to me and I'm really happy about that!
Day by day, you make me a little bit happier with the big amount of views, wonderful comments and the huge love you keep showing to me. I'll never be able to thank you enough for making time to read what I write and even more, to comment with your sweet words. My readers have always been my biggest inspiration and motivation for what I do! 
Love you to the moon and back!


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  1. Sjajan post, draga moja. Odabrala si divne stvarčice. Sat je divan.

    Ako imaš vremena, pogledaj moj blog Adda's life, i ne zaboravi pogledati moj zadnji post Quotes - August & September

  2. Super post kao i inace, ovaj sat i narukvica su predobri

    Blog: MagdalenaŠ.

  3. Jako mi se dopada narukvica, baš podsjeća na one Pandorine, a opet je na jeftinijoj strani. Odlično! :)

    Minnah's Life

  4. "_Easewholesale_ almost reminds me of Pandora, just the cheaper version. It looks really nice. I'd be sure to check out EaseWhole's jewellery. By the way, love the falling Autumn leaves on your blog.😄😍😘

    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Divan post <3 Stvari sa sajta su predobreee. Inace sam prvi put na tvom blogu i ovi listici koji padaju su me odmah kupili hahah.

    Ukoliko imas vremena, pogledaj moj blog ---

  6. Nice things. :) Please can you write me on my email: somethingbykate@seznam.cz how you added leaves on your blog? It is amazing!:)



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