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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to be my recent haul from Dresslily web shop where I go some pretty interesting and quality pieces I cannot wait to share with you so let's get into this!

The first thing I got was this 'BLOGGIN' sweater I wanted for so long (you probably see the reason why) but when I wanted to order it from any web shop online, I'd be disappointed with the fact that it was sold out.
This time, I found it on Dresslily and I was so excited about being able to get one for myself.
The color is really pretty, really strong shade of red, the material is nice, and it's mock neck sweatshirt which I have never owned but I really like how it looks like in this style. The thing you cannot see in on these photos (I apologize for that) is that the bottom of it isn't as on the photos on the website. It is not sewed on the borders and I think it might have been the mistake while making it but I also kinda like it that style more. The threads are hanging on the ends of the shirt and it kinda looks cool to me.
Anyways, the writing was the only reason I wanted to get it, but now, I realized this color is also something really special and the shape of the shirt fits perfectly.
I got it in the size M for only$19.89
You can get it --- > HERE !

Next thing I got was this gray shoulder bag for which I thought would be bigger, at least it looked like that on the web shop (I forgot to check the measurement again) but it's still pretty. I got it for my older sister and she likes it but wishes it was just a little bit bigger. With this bag you also get this smaller one you can wear separately or inside the bigger one as a little makeup bag or something like that.
I got it in color gray but you have multiple colors to choose from. 
It costs $13.72
and you can get it --> HERE

The last but not least, I got a box with ten makeup sponges/little beauty blenders. 
I also thought these would be bigger but I tried them and I liked them. I used one for applying BB creme to my face and although it's smaller than an usual beauty blender, it was useful and worked really nice in removing the surplus of the creme from my face and blending it perfectly.
Recommended, you can get it for only $5.84
Get them --> HERE

That was all for this haul! But before I end this post, you should definitely check out sweater dresses from Dresslily! They really have the cutest ones. 
So now I really gotta go to finish studying. I couldn't miss a chance of publishing this post today because I was really excited for it (I am always excited when it comes to writing haul posts) although I have a lot to study for tomorrow. 
Wish me luck!
I love you all so,so much and wish you an amazing week! 


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  1. Duks je predivan,divno ti stoji.
    Fotografije su fenomenalne!♥

    Bella Place.

  2. Divan post, draga.
    Sve stvari koje si nam ovdje predstavila su super, mnogo su lijepe, a pogotovo duks, koji je presladak i super ti stoji.

  3. Ajoj, stvarno divan haul, draga moja Vildana! Jako mi se dopadaju stvari koje si narucvila! Bluza je savrsena, kao stvorena za nas! Tako jednostavna a odusevljavaa! Odlicna recenzija draga!

    Visit my blog, Maleficent

  4. Great haul

    Have a nice day! :)

  5. Great !!

  6. Sve je super draga! Izgledaš preslatko! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  7. What a cute sweater. :)
    Enjoy your new haul.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  8. Koliko se meni dopada taj duks, iz dva prosta razloga. Crvene boje je (moja omiljena) i na sebi ima definitivno najlepsi natpis. Bas bih volela da posedujem isti. Divan haul, odabrala si super sitnice! <3

    Instagram tag + pobednik darivanja