Autumn Bucket List

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Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Today, I don't have school because it's Teacher's Day but I also have a lot to study for tomorrow. Anyways, I decided to take an hour-two to just write for you here. I was thinking of the topic of this post, and I decided for it to be something autumn related so the bucket list for this season would definitely be something I'd be interested to read to get inspired for my own.
I think bucket lists and to-do lists are something great and really motivational for everyone. 

So these are just a few things on my bucket list for Autumn 2017 : 
  • Make autumn playlist on my mobile phone 
  • Try new recipes for hot chocholate
  • Buy and try new scents of teas
  • Buy autumn candles
  • Write and publish a lot of autumn posts (autumn outfits maybe)
  • New clothes! Jumpers, cardigans, sweaters...
  • Catch up on the old TV shows I still love (hint : watching Teen Wolf again probably)
  • Watch new TV shows and movies (recommend me some in the comments down bellow)
  • Get good grades in school at the beginning of the school year so I don't have to worry about fixing them at the end (good news : got an A at Physics test yesterday!) 
  • Hit that 200k page views on Living Like V
  • Read new books
  • Wear darker colors (I usually do wear dark colors but autumn is perfect for pushing my style to a higher level)
  • Watch autumn themed youtube videos
  • Watch makeup tutorials and try them
  • Take nature (mostly sunsets) photos on beautiful days
  • And last but not least, try to enjoy every day as much as possible!
That was all for this post! Surely, there are more things I want to do for this season but I cannot really remember everything when I want to sit down and write them.
I hope you've liked my bucket list, be sure to let me know down below what's on your Autumn bucket list and tell me if I inspired you to make your own if you hadn't already!
Love you all so,so much and talk to you soon!


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  1. Mnogo mi se dopada tvoja lista. Dosta navedenih stvari se nalazi i na mojoj listi i stvarno imam veliku želju da ih odradim. Tebi puno sreće ❤❤❤

    I follow you: Visit and follow ----> Marija's blog + Giveawy

  2. Divan post, bas mi se svideo :-)
    Jako mi se dopada izgled bloga <3


  3. great bucket list <3

  4. Lista je predivna,nadam se da ćeš dosta stvari sa nje ispuniti!♥

    Bella Place.

  5. Srećno u ispunjavanju ovih stavki sa liste.

    If you have time, visit my blog Adda's life, and don't forget to visit my last post Quotes - August & September.

  6. Divno ♥
    Zaista se nadam da ćeš ostvariti sve što si zamislila ☺

  7. Super ti je lista! I ja želim ostvariti većinu ovih stvari, tako da se nadam da ćemo uspjeti☺♥

  8. Ma daj te ljudi pusti te ovo djete vidimo da ne ma pojma oživotu

    1. Daj glupane sta pametujes
      Cura je super znam je ja ide sa mnom u skolu extra je cura