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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
In this post, I will share with you one web shop which is kind of different from the rest of the web shops I usually talk with you about.
This one sells handbags and watches and it's called Replica Telltale. 
You can check it out here : replicatelltale.com

On this web shop, you can find replicas of the expensive handbags and watches such as this Louis Vuitton bag which looks good.
My opinion about replicas is sometimes that you shouldn't buy them because the quality cannot be compared to original obviously but if you really want branded accessories which you cannot afford, go ahead and buy a replica.
I know that out there are the girls who would be interested in this web shop, so if you are one of them, check them out and tell me did you decide to buy anything or you already bought something before from Replica Telltale, in the comments down bellow.

Love you all and talk to you soon!


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  1. Wow it look so interesting, so like real! I like this, lovely bag!

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  2. Odlicna torba, post je super! ♥
    Uzivaj u danu! :)

    Check my new post ↓


  3. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx


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