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Hello my beautiful readers and welcome to another post on my blog!
How are you ? I hope you are doing well! 
I always forget to mention it but if you have any problem, anything you need to ask, you can contact me either on my e-mail : vildana01@outlook or on Instagram : @livinglikev . I'd be happy to help you in any possible way.

Elegancy cannot be bought but you surely can buy a dress that will highlight it.
In this post, I will be sharing with you a web shop called JJsHouse
JJsHouse is a web shop which offers you amazing special occasion dresses but for today's post, I will be talking with you about their cocktail dresses. 
I'm sharing with you this web shop because I think JJsHouse special occasion dresses look stunning but also affordable, and it's a web shop where anyone can find something for themselves. 
If you are having an upcoming wedding day, party or birthday, I'm highly suggesting to check out this web shop and consider ordering a beautiful cocktail dress from them. 

It was hard to pick just one special occasion dress or cocktail dress to share with you on my blog, so I decided to pick a few of the most beautiful ones. 
I wonder which one looks the most beautiful to you, which dress would you like to have or wear?
I would love to have them all but if I could just pick one of them... Hm... It would probably be the second dress. The upper part is made of lace and I love lace when it's not too much, because on some dresses, you can really see it's too much lace and it doesn't look elegant, but on these dresses, especially the second one, it just looks perfect. The bottom part has this gorgeous light beige color which could probably be one of my favorite colors for clothes because it's really easy to combine it, it's like third of neutral colors for outfits which are for my opinion black and white (plus this one now).
I love the details on every single one of these dresses, they all look so unique and interesting, don't they? 
I am looking forward to hearing your opinion in the comments down bellow! 
Another great thing about this web shop is that you can find accessories and shoes for your dress, everything on one place, so you can order your whole outfit for your event.
I was really surprised to see their range of accessories because there are a lot of categories you can choose from. Also, on this web shop, you can find great shoes for affordable prices, and there's a sale going out there, where you can get your shoes for more than 50% off the original price so be sure to check them out because they look so quality. 

That was all for this post! I really hope you've liked it and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts about it in the comments down below!
Oh wait... I forgot to tell you why I wasn't active in blogging lately before the last post came out. I was just kind of adjusting to the school and trying to figure out everything, how am I going to schedule my time to have enough time to go to school, study and do some blogging every day. I also had a birthday on 13th of September which I told you about two posts ago. On Friday and Saturday I had a little trip with high school association from my country (the same one I went to Boracko lake this summer with, I wrote a post about my trip on Boracko and you can check it out in my August posts). 
Love you all so,so, so much and talk to you really soon!


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  1. Wow, amazing dresses! So interesting selection, I like them a lot!
    This site has really lovely dresses!

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  2. I love the first dress, it looks very romantic and feminine! :)

  3. Great post dear. I really like the way your blog looks.
    I followed you and I hope that you'll follow me too.

  4. Hi girl
    they look great!
    Have a nice day

  5. Beautiful dresses! Great picks dear :*

  6. Happy birthday. I will have school next time I think that I will have not many time for blog too...
    By the way I like the first dress.


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