5 Tips to selecting a great luxury watch

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For beginners and long-time collectors alike, selecting a luxury watch is not as easy as buying your typical wristwatch, say for fashion or daily use. It is a must for one to pay great attention to detail and craftsmanship before purchasing a luxury watch. Of course, no one wants to spend a thousand bucks for a fake or imitation luxury watch which is not only made of cheap materials but is also inaccurate and easily wears out.

To help you choose the timepiece that best suits your preferences, budget, and style, better check out these 5 useful tips to buying a luxury watch.

1. Get the best features.

Many of you may think that the best luxury watch is one that has the most gems and the most intricate designs. But those wouldn't probably be the best features that you will be using if you will be regularly wearing your watch for formal parties and other occasions. Instead, look for a luxury watch that has the least complications; a date or moon display would be just right and nothing more. A leather strap is still the best option than a metal band as it wears out longer and is easier to replace. Luxury watches with thin cases are easier to slip in and out your pockets while high-end ones are expected to be heavier as most of them are made of gold and silver.

2. Watch out for discounts.

You don't always need to spend too much when buying a luxury watch. In fact, even luxury watch retailers offer good discounts for a variety of their products. However, you should still be careful when buying luxury watches with discount rates that are too good to be true. It is most likely that those products are smuggled, fake, refurbished, or just imitations.

3. Buy from trusted retailers.

The risk of buying a counterfeit luxury watch is greatly lowered if you buy only from trusted retailers. But before you go to a local watch store, you should be able to narrow down your choices first. From your shortlist, you can check the nearest stores which offer those types of watches. It also pays off to check the retailer's track record and to ask whether they offer warranty and maintenance for their products or not.

4. Ask the seller for details.

A trustworthy seller will never hide important details from his or her clients. Some brand new luxury watches are already tweaked by adding gemstones to the casing. Some are already replaced with different straps. Other retailers also offer pre-owned luxury watches with remodeled parts. Ask questions from the seller to help you know more about the product that you are buying.

5. Check the authenticity of the watch.

There are many ways on how you can verify whether a luxury watch is genuine or not. First is to check the proper alignment of the numbers and the workmanship on the engravings. You can also have a gold or silver watch checked by a jeweler to test if the metal used is indeed genuine. Authentic luxury watches also have a more refined movement and little to no sound. Another way is to verify the paperwork (complete with boxes, certificates, and serial numbers) and the history of the ownership of the watch. The absence of those would indicate that the luxury watch is more likely a counterfeit.

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  1. So interesting, look so glammurous! Love it so much! Great review dear!

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  2. awesome tips! i'm actually thinking about buying a really expensive watch that i've been loving. but i'm afraid i just won't wear it :/

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    1. Thank you, just find the one you like how it looks and I'm sure you'll wear it! x

  3. Great tips. :)
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  4. Great tips ! I'll keep them in mine on the next time I buy a new watch
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  5. Great review dear! Interesting and professional ♥

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  6. I am not to use watches, but I liked the tips - I hope not to fail when buying some :)

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  7. nice post thank you for sharing.....keep updating


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