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Hello my wonderful readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Two posts in one day - well, haven't I been active these days? *proud of myself*
I just have so many things to share with you that I got from different web shops that there's no just enough time to post these things and still be able to do back to school series of posts on my blog so I need to hurry up!

Anyways, in this post, I will be sharing with you what I recently got from a well-known web shop I mentioned a lot on my blog which is Gamiss.
There are four things I got from them recently so let's get into this...

The first item I got was this cute swimsuit I mentioned in my wishlist for Gamiss once. 
I really like it and I am not sorry I decided to order it.
Love these polka dots on the bottom part and the straps on the top. 
The color is really pretty, a little bit different in person than on the web shop, the pink is little darker but I really like it this way.
I ordered it in TUTTI FRUTTI but you also can choose LIGHT PINK color, also I ordered it in size M and it fits perfectly. 
Highly recommended, costs $10.17
and you can get it --> HERE <-- 

So I wasn't able to take photos of this whole product because it doesn't fit me but you can see on these photos what it approximately looks like.
It's this jumpsuit in this gorgeous blue color with the lace details on the top. 
I ordered it for my sister and I wasn't sure which size I had chosen but on the tag it says it's in size M.
My sister and I are probably the same height and it's about 163-5cm so this one is too long for us.
I think it can be fixed because the upper part fits us and the down part which are the pants just need to be shorten. The material is perfect and I really love this blue color.

It costs only $16.45
and you can get it --> HERE <--

 The next are these gorgeous makeup brushes.
I have reviewed one of these (fake) Real Techniques on my blog from one of these shops.
I got that ones for my sister and she loved them, she still uses them all the time so I decided to get one for myself and my cousin,too.
Cannot wait to try them out.
You get four of these brushes on this little stand you can use to display your brushes and you know me ... I had to get them in black because it's my all time favorite color.

You can get them --> HERE <--
for only $10.62

And last but not least... We all need one of these makeup tools and in this package on Gamiss you get two of them for only $2.24
Don't ask me how I took this second photo because I am still not sure how... Interesting story time : I was taking all of these photos on the white sheet/blanket and the last photo came out like it was taken on gray or black background... Well, that wasn't interesting but okay... Mystery... 

These tweezers work perfectly and I recommend this to anyone!
You can get them --> HERE <--

I also ordered these little scissors for my eyebrows and I didn't get that in this package, maybe it got lost. Anyway you can get them --> HERE <-- 

That was all for this post! Really hope you've enjoyed it and talk to you really soon!
Love you all!


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  1. Bome, zaista sjajne stvari draga Vildana! Odlican haul! Zaista mi se jako dopadaju! Kupaci posebno, zbog dezena koji je savrsen!Odlicna recenzija draga!

    Visit me, and follow. See you soon. Maleficent

  2. Super post! Stvari su prekrasne,posebno kupaći-presladak je! <3
    novi post je na blogu:

  3. Vau dobila si divne stvarčice! Blog ti je divan, slike su prelepe, zapratila sam te :) ♥

    Pozdrav, Kristina ♥

  4. Aaaa, kupaći izgleda savršeno, mada ni ostale stvarni nisu loše, ali on me nekako osvojio na prvu :D
    Želim ti lijep vikend, draga!

  5. Odličan haul,kupaći je presladak a četkice su divne!

    Bella Place.

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  7. Real techniques brushes are the best. :) Followed you, hope you can follow back as well.

    Almari Writes. ❤

  8. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I followed you on the both blogs, and I am waiting for you!

  9. Thanks for comment on my blog!
    Your blog is great :)
    I following now!! ;)
    I invite you to me:

  10. Lovely products you got in here! Id love to get the blue dress one!
    Anyway would you love to following each other? Let me know


  11. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)


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