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 Hello my lovely readers!
(Update : this post was written before the last one, but published a day after) It's been 4 or 5 days since I last posted and I feel like it's been forever! I just want to post something everyday and I have lots of topics I need to write about, lot of the products I need to show and review for you guys and some things I need to recommend you! August is going to be crazy on my blog! I promise you a lot of posts which I will start to write right after I publish this post!
Wow, August! Officially the last third of my summer holidays will begin soon! One month till school starts... Wow... Do you know that feeling when you just want to see all of your friends from school and you are excited about back to school shopping (and lots of new posts on Living Like V) but you just don't want all of the school obligations to start such as studying, boring lessons, test,assignments etc.? Well, that's how I feel right now!
But I'm just going to stop talking about school because I don't really want to think about it a lot haha.

So ,in this post, I will be sharing with you my last summer wishlist for 2k17 because I am sure, after this, I'll start ordering more of autumn-ish things.
Let's see what are my last wishes from Zaful for this summer! Well, that sounded a bit creepy...

Top --> HERE 
Makeup brushes --> HERE
Skirt --> HERE
Shorts --> HERE

Do you like my wishlist?
Which thing do you like the most ?
Write me down below, I love reading your comments!

That was all for this post, thank you for reading and talk to you soon!
Love you all!


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12 komentari

  1. Great wish list!
    I definitely would have bought this top and these brushes! They are so sweet!

    ↣ My blog "Demilla". Welcome! ↢

  2. Veoma dobar izbor, sjajna vislista draga Vildana! Jako mi se dopadaju stvari!

    Visit me, Gothic

  3. great wishlist Vildana

  4. I love the brushes you have on your wishlist, it's a total must have !!

    Samara //

  5. Predivan izbor. Ove četkice su postale pravi hit, ali kako i ne bi kada su ovako divne.
    Želim ti lijep dan, draga!

  6. Diiivna wishlista draga! Zaista odličan izbor! Suknja mi se mnogo, mnogo dopada! *-------* ♥♥

    Novi post ->


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