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Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
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In this post, I'll be sharing with you my honest opinion about Popfeel matte lipstick I got from Rosegal web shop.
I actually got four of them but all in the same color. Why?
Well, it was a mistake while ordering, I wanted to order four different colors of these lipstick which are available on Rosegal, but misunderstanding leaded me to this point of having four same lipsticks but I don't mind, I will probably give the rest three to someone. 

So let's start with the review...
The lipsticks I got were all in B16 shade which is this beautiful red-to-brown or maroon color.
Firstly, about the package... All of them came in a little see-through bag and then there was this black package which says Popfeel and it has all of the details of the lipstick on it. 
It was hard to open which is really good because it makes you realize it was safe during the delivery and that it couldn't get broken or something like that.
I ordered a Popfeel lipstick before and it came with a broken cover. I mean, it isn't a big deal, but I like it more when it's all like it is supposed to be.
Have nothing else to say about the package except it has changed since the last time I bought one of these lipsticks and it is strong and safe now.

About the color... This shade is just perfect for me!
I love this color so much! It looks so good on the lips, I think anyone would love to have one of these lipsticks. It says it's a long lasting lipstick on the web shop but I personally don't think it can last long because it was super easy to wash it off my hand and lips when I used it before.
It is also a matte lipstick, but not the one that leaves your lips feeling so dry (which is the worst feeling ever by the way) but the one that looks matte but doesn't feel like it.

I highly recommend these lipsticks to you!

They cost $1.43
which is really cheap for a lipstick! 

And you can get them --> HERE <-- in many different colors. 

That was all for this post! I really hope you've liked my review and if you have ever tried these lipsticks, be sure to let me know down below did you liked them and which color should I order next?

Definitely also check out dark red dress on Rosegal.

I love you all and talk to you really soon!


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  3. Beautiful lipstick.


  4. Fantastic post!
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    Soslu Badem by Dilek

  5. The color is perfect:)
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  7. Beautiful color!


  8. I love this lipstick:) wonderful color kiss


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  10. Oh very cute color fo lipstick



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