Rosegal Haul & Review | Part 1

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Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you? I hop you are doing well!

For today's post, I'm going to show you the first part of my recent haul from Rosegal web shop.
I am sure you've heard about Rosegal already but if you didn't, you should definitely check it out because it has some really nice items I think anyone would like to have with affordable prices and fast shipping.

So I'm going to show you just two things I got in this post.

The first thing I got are these gorgeous mirrored sunglasses in pink color with cat eye shape.
I really like these sunglasses and I cannot wait to wear them this summer.
I think they look so cool and I am sure you've already seen something like this on Instagram or Tumblr.
They also look really quality and I think they won't easily be broken.
The price is $10.19.

You can get them --> HERE .

The next thing in this haul is a set of these golden rings in different shapes - geometric and leaves. 
I really like this set of rings, and you probably know how much I love rings as a must-have jewelry piece so I needed to add these ones to my collection.
Do you like them?
The price is $3.73.

You can get them --> HERE

That was all for this post! Please also check out Rosegal navy blue lace dress .
Hope you've enjoyed it and talk to you really soon!
Love ya all , stay tuned for part 2 !


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24 komentari

  1. Predivno,i naocare i prstenje su prelepii :)

  2. Ja sam već sarađivala sa tim sajtom i mogu reci da je odličan. Vrlo su prijatni ljudi , a i stvarčice koje oni nude su zaista divne. ❤
    Takođe , stvarčice koje si odabrala su veoma divne. 😍
    Dreaming of fashion and beauty

  3. love the sunglasses! nice post x

  4. Beautiful rings ! And love the sunnies, too.
    Liza Corner | Instagram | Facebook

  5. Naočale su mi preslatke, kao i sav asesoar :)

    Minnah's Life

  6. Stvarčice su baaaš slatke, pogotovo naočale. *-*
    Posljednji put kad sam naručivala prstenje sa tog sajta bila sam poprilično razočarana, ali nisu bili kao ti tvoji nego je drugi set bio u pitanju. :) <3


  7. Wooow naočale za sunce su top, zaljubljena sam deff! ♥

    1. I meni se mnogo dopadaju :) Hvala na komentaru <3

  8. Cute jewelry. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  9. the shades is gorg


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