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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This time, I'm doing review on six different teas from BeguTea.
I've received these teas a long time ago and I am so ashamed I didn't do this review before but I literally receive so many things I need to do review for and I ,sometimes, don't know where to start so if it's about teas or something else I need to actually try and see how it affects me to do review for it, I take more time do make myself start trying teas and at the end, to write reviews for them.

I've got six different teas from BeguTea but in sample sizes with three teabags.
Begu teas have the goal to get you to live healthier life and lose or maintain your weight at the same time. The teas I got were : Apetite, Morning buzz, System Cleanse, Calm, Crave and Nightea night.
Just to mention this at the beginning : because these were just sample sizes with three teabags I couldn't see any results on my body because it's just logical that three teabags cannot get you any change but I strongly believe that, if I had the real sizes with 28 teabags, I could've see the results for sure because these teas had affect me. 

The first tea I want to talk about is 'Calm' - true tranquility from a teabag to help you unwind and relax. Does it work? Yes, it does. 
Sometimes, we all need a teabag that will help us calm down because we get anxiety caused by daily problems we face in our lives. This tea has perfectly combined ingredients which will definitely help you to calm, it's the mixture of rooibos, peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm and other ingredients which combined taste really nice, with that natural taste and lovely smell. 
I love this one!

The next tea is 'System Cleanse' - reboot your body.
This tea is supposed to help you to clean your body from all the toxins we get into our bodies by consuming food that aren't that good. You should drink it every evening after your last meal of the day, before bed, and after a while, you should see results. 
It tastes like honey, but literally and I really like it. It has this greenish-brownish natural color. 

Next one is 'Appetite' - perfectly satisfying blend to help cut down your portion size. You should drink this tea when you need to before or after a meal without milk. It is supposed to help you, as I said, to cut down your portion sizes and, in that way, to lose or maintain your weight and maintain your daily calories intake. 
All of these teas should be drunk as part of a healthy balanced diet to actually see the results. 

The next tea is 'Morning Buzz' - a fresh and zesty taste, perfect to wake up to. It doesn't have that much of conspicuous taste. The aftertaste reminds me of mint tea. It has this beautiful natural green color and a very nice smell. 
You should drink it every morning, before or with breakfast. If you forget, just drink it when you get a chance. 

We all sometimes get the cravings we think we cannot control but what if we actually can? The next tea is 'Crave' - give in to your cravings and reward yourself with a delicious sweet tea treat. Just when you crave something sweet like chocolate or candies, you can drink this tea when you need to through the day.

And I kept the best one for the end - 'Nightea night' - a peaceful and relaxing brew to wind your day down. This tea tastes so good! I just love it!
It has this beautiful smell and color,too. 
I think everyone would like this tea the most from the rest. 
You should definitely try this tea and drink it every evening, before you go to bed. 

So that was all for this post! 
Definitely check BeguTea out and try some of these teas. If you already did, be sure to let me know in the comments down bellow. 
Love you all and talk to you soon!


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