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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you? Hope you are doing well!
It's been a while since my last post and I apologize for it but that is how we do when it's school time...
I wish I could post more frequently, just sit down and write and talk to you guys, but what can we do? We can just wait till the summer break begins haha.
Anyways, since I don't post that often, I've decided that my posts need to be amazing. So I'll be focusing more on quality and not quantity and I think you will be happy with that.

So let's get into this one...
In this post, I'll be showing you what I got from ToSave web shop which I think it's new, because I haven't heard about it a long ago and I am happy to say I'm pleased with what I got.
Let's hear the detailed thoughts...

 The first thing I got is this wonderful shirt which says 'Different' in combination of three colors : pink, gray and white. I really like this one. The material makes it pretty cozy and warm although it looks like an ordinary shirt, it's like really warm which I didn't expect.
It fits me perfectly and I got it in size L(10). 
I usually go for 10 or 8 on these web shops and sometimes it's M and sometimes it's L, it depends. I think the quality is amazing and wait for the price!

Only $4.99
It's insane! So affordable. Recommended!

 The next thing I got is another shirt. This one is in color gray and it says 'NAP QUEEN' which I think is super cute.
The material is ordinary quality and I have no bad things to say about this shirt except the fact that the right sleeve is a bit tighter than the left one because the stitches are somehow different which I think is pretty weird but it's not a big problem because it looks alright.

 The last product I got are these blackhead remover face mask.
You can get 10 little bags of these on ToSave for only $2.52.
 But, to be honest - this doesn't work at all. 
You know I already reviewed a black mask from another web shop and I said it didn't work but I've ordered these ones before I got that mask so I decided to try this black mask before I write a post about it, hoping this one will actually work.
But it didn't and I really don't know what was the drama about these masks when they do nothing ?

That was all for this post!
Did you like it? I hope you did and I hope you'll tell me your thoughts about it down bellow!
Check out their Clip In Hair Extensions

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Love you all and talk to you soon!


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66 komentari

  1. Divne majice,nap queen je kao stvorena za mene,haha.Slažem se black masks apsolutno ništa ne urade,sem što bole kad ih skidaš.
    Minnah's Life

  2. Predivan post! Prva majica ti predivno stoji a moram da priznam da sam malo razocarana posto sam smatrala da ce maske biti super i da ce ti pomoci :)

  3. divne proizvode si uzela, pogotovo ova druga majica. mislila sam i ja naruciti ove maske.. ali ipak ne ahah

    Maggie's Blog

  4. Prelijepe majice, super post :D
    Prelijepa si!

  5. Preslatke su ti majice, divno ti stoje! ❤❤❤


  6. obje majice su divne i lijepo ti stoje.

  7. Hi very pretty sweaters, and enjoy school time then it will be more crazy :D but also fun
    galantosfun giveaway

  8. Thank you so much Vildana!! Love that you liked how I styled my camo dress! :) hehe. About your post, cool sweaters! ;) See you soon and happy weekend! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  9. Predivan haul, draga Vildana, zaista si odlicne stvari porucila. I vrlo zanimljivo ti stoje duksevi. Odusevljena sam.


  10. Predivne stvari. Slučajno sam naletjela na tvoj blog i jako mi se sviđa. Bilo bi mi drago da posjetis moj blog:

  11. Like Your style :) I follow You, hope You can do the same Candymona

  12. Super, I love your post!
    I follow You, hope You can do the same
    Beauty by K.

  13. Zaista divan post. Moram da priznam da ti ove bejbi nijanse divno stoje. Najviše mi se dopada ovaj drugi duks koji je savršen!:)

  14. I also prefer write post with quality.....(Much Better quality than quantity)
    Nice post,

  15. Mnogo su lepe majice, pogotovo prva! I super ti stoje. ♥

    Poseti: Misseslandy

  16. Odličan haul draga, sve stvarčice mi se dopadaju, moj ukus je sličan! :)♥

  17. You are looking pretty Vildana <3 <3 <3


  18. Great post! I love your sweaters!

  19. Super su stvarcice i bas ti lepo stoje :-) <3


  20. Jako dobar post! Vidi se da se jako trudis! Zapratila sam te,pa ako zelis uzvrati <3 P.S. Ja sam ti 400-ti citaoc,svaka cast ! <3

  21. Odlican post! Sve stvarcice su predivne. <3

  22. I love the "Nap Queen" shirt!! So cool!
    I'm so sad I can't find a good black head mask!!
    Makeup By Pi

  23. Super si stvarcice odabrala. Prva majica mi se bas svidja.

    Charming Coco

  24. I love the first shirt, is really cute!

  25. Preslatki duksići, pogotovo prvi.


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