Born Pretty Store #4

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Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to be my fifth review of web shop called Born Pretty Store which I am in love with!
I am always honest with you and I'll be this time,too, so don't worry!
Let's get into this!

The first thing I got was this pen which looks like an ordinary pen until you realize you can't see what you have written with it until you use the light you have on the top of the pen. Isn't that amazing?
This sounds like something students would be interested in for cheating on exams so that's exactly why I ordered it. I love the idea but I don't think I'd be that brave to use it on my exams because of the light that my professors would notice really quickly. But, I might still try.

I have always loved bracelets that come in set.
They look amazing together and you can also wear them separately.
I like this ones because they are classic, black and silver bracelets that can go with every outfit. 

And a long-waited item I wanted so bad for like two or three months and when I found it on Born Pretty Store, I was so happy and I quickly decided to order it.
I am not sure what is all of that excitement about...
I have asked my girls from which I love to chat on Facebook, we have a group together and we share advice and help each other , about this mask, after I got it because I was a little bit anxious about putting something from this kind of shops on my face ( no offence, I love this kind of shops but I am worried about having something unknown on my face ) .
One told me that it ruins your face and I was like 'Could that be possible?' and another one replied saying it doesn't ruin your face but it doesn't help to get rid of blackheads at all.
But, I still decided to try it.
I put it on some of the areas of my face where I have the most blackheads, mostly around my lips. 
And, when I took it off, I realized I see no change...
I couldn't tell if there is at least a little bit change.
And, I don't know if this is because of this mask, but I got couple pimples around my lips for a few days.
I cannot really tell was it because of this mask because I am a teenager, in puberty who has really weird periods of her life. I have always had clean face until it comes to my period, a week before my period I get few pimples and I consider it as okay.
I think it is caused by that but I am still not sure if it's about exactly this product, but I don't believe in black masks more. 
I saw no changes at all. 

That was all for this post! Hope you've liked it!
Talk to you really soon!
Love you all! 


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20 komentari

  1. Jao olovka mi se jako svidja ! Pratim te :)

    Charming Coco

  2. wow, it looks so wonderful) sad, that mask doesn't work nice

  3. Olovka je vrh! Za koliki vremena je stigao paket?

  4. Divne stvarcice, a olovka je bas interesantna, nisam vidjala do sada takvu :-)
    Odlican post ! <3


  5. So cool !! i love everything <3

    Have a nice day

  6. Ova olovka je pregotivna, mnogo mi se sviđa, kuul je. Post je super:)

  7. Super stvarčice, stvarno mi se sviđaju :)

  8. Vildana draga, još jedna jako dobra recenzija na tvom blogu. Zaista mi se dopadaju stvarčice koje si naručila, skroz su nesvakidašnje, i vrlo interesantne. Posebno mi se dopada ova hemijska olovka, jako je zanimljiva.Masku sam i sama probala i nije mi bila bas delotvorna ali mozda je ipak i do moje koze. U svakom slucaju, odlica post.


    1. Hvala puno na uvijek tako divnim komentarima! Mnogo mi znači! <3


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