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Hello guys and welcome to a new post on my blog!
I'll do a life update post soon to explain why I wasn't blogging the last month so much but I'm going to tell you now that I am going to post more in January because I am on winter break and I am so happy because this semester is finally over!

Anyway, I'm going to talk about Millybridal UK .  
It's a web shop which sells dresses for special occasions, such as Bridesmaid Dresses UK and Wedding Dresses UK . 
It's a really beautiful web shop with really affordable prices. offers a range of beautiful wedding dresses, elegant bridesmaid dresses, matching shoes and exquisite accessories for brides. All the dresses are fine-designed and made from high quality fabric. With unbeatable low prices, you will not go bank-broke if shopping here.
They also have a team of specialists who can help you with your choice, great customer service and I think I like their site a lot.
I am going to show you just few of them. 

This one you can check out here !
You can check out this one here

This one you can check out here

This one you can check out here !

If you want, check out their web shop and tell me which one of these dresses you like the most!
I love all of them and I think this is a great web shop!
I want to hear your opinions so be sure to let me know down bellow!

I also want to thank you for amazing 60k views! Cannot believe we have came this far...
Amazing... Truly amazing! Thank you so much!
I love you all and talk to you soon!


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  1. All are beautiful but the green one is just love <3 < <3


  2. ALL these looks so beautiful! x
    Morgan //

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  4. I love the first dress best!

    Please kindly visit my blog & check out my recent posts;

    Ending 2016

    Impromptu Photoshoot

    2 0 1 7

    #GOALS: January

    Thank you!

    Yobella Gabriel
    (previously known as The Stylish Bee)

  5. Truly ,This is a great post. I delighted in the data parcel. I will bookmark this page. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this vital data
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