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Hello guys and welcome to another post from #MovieReview column!
(I wrote this post a long time ago and I decided to post it now because I love this column on my blog and I might start doing these kind of posts again on winter break).

This time, I'm reviewing movie called 'After the Ball' .
As you probably see up there on movie poster there's a quote saying : 'Fairytales are always in fashion.' But which fairytale does this look like to you?
It's Cinderella, of course.
This is a comedy romance movie and it's just for the days when you are to tired to watch a movie with a deep meaning. Very predictable movie but it's really relaxing because you know it'll end happily, as every fairytale does.
The story : A young girl finishes designer school and wants to find a job. Her mother has passed away and her father had created a new family marrying a women with two daughters. After her friends convince her to ask her dad for a job because he owns a fashion company, she gets a job there but her stepsisters give her a job to sort the buttons when she meant she would be a fashion designer there. She accepts that and one day, when her button goes away, she follows it and finds a man who is making shoes for their company. She chats with him and they start their friendship.
After her stepmother convinces her dad she's a betrayer, that she shares their designs to their competition, she gets fired. Her friends suggest her to start working there again as someone else, which meant she needed to become a man, not like really but to pretend she's a man. She gets a job as designer and she success at proving her dad the betrayers are her stepmother and stepsisters, not her.
The three of them get kicked out of company and 'Cinderella' becomes designer along with her boyfriend who makes amazing shoes now. The relation between her and her dad becomes much stronger and better.
... And they lived happily ever after...

Story : 7/10
Movie quality : 7/10
All together : 7/10
Cute story, isn't it? 
Thank you so much for reading! I love you guys!


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  1. Hi Dear!
    I like your blog so much!
    So I follow you :)
    I will be very happy if you follow me back :)

  2. Obozavam postove u ovo fazonu. Veliki sam ljubitelj filmova tako da volim da citam na ti temu. Ovaj film do sada nisam gledala ali cu rado odvojiti vreme za njega. Odlicno si nam ga predstavila.


  3. That sounds as a movie for me)) I'll watch it!


  4. What a interesting take of Cinderella and sounds cute to watch. Now you make me want to watch it now, girl. I hope my boyfriend does not mind this movie on our movie night. hehe.

    XOXO - Lovingrose_

    1. Hahah love this comment! It's kind of a girly movie but I think he won't mind hehe :) xoxo

  5. Zanimljiv post! Po tvom opisu film je veoma zanimljiv tako da kada budem imala priliku odgledaću ga!♥

  6. As you said its a predictable movie but sounds nice to watch i am about to go look it up

  7. Epic movie!
    VIsit me ;

  8. Adoro esse tipo de filme, história leve, agradável!



  9. love this kinda movies!

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