12/22/2015 - 12/22/2016 Blogiversary

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You, reading this... Thank you!
Thank you for this amazing one year, 12 months, 365 days behind us!
Thank you for everything!
Blogging and this blog have became one of the things I love doing the most in this entire world.
And having you here to support and encourage me to keep doing it by reading my posts, following me and giving me opportunities to collaborate with amazing brands I could never imagine working with, is just incredible and I cannot remember a way to thank you enough for all of this!
This blog has truly changed my life.
It gave me a chance to express my feelings through writing and earn amazing audience, readers and actually - friends! It gave me a chance to talk to different people from all around the world making new friendships and work fellows.
I've been sick for couple of days and I am able to publish this post now after 2 days of my blogiversary... Hope you don't mind! And by the text up there you can probably see I am still sick a little bit haha because I run out of inspiration really fast but it's okay... You know I love and appreciate you without being needed to write it.

Thank you so much!
Love you to the moon and back !

Bye , V

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16 komentari

  1. Draga Vildana, srećan ti prvi blogorođendan! Želim ti da ih proslaviš još 1000000! Ti si zaista divna blogerka, ali pre svega i divna osoba! Samo tako nastaviti! :*

  2. Zelim ti sretan prvi rodendan tvog bloga i jos puno puno uspjesnih postova i neka ti tvoj blog donese puno toga lijepoga!

    My latest post | Instagram

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Please kindly visit my blog & check out my recent posts;

    Goody-Giddy Feelings

    Rendezvous by ESMOD

    Thank you!

    Stylish Bee

  4. Vildana draga, srecan prvi blogorodjendan! Od samog starta mog blogovanja ti si meni veliki uzor i osoba na koju sam se ugledala i gradila svoj blog. Zato mi je izuzetno drago sto si postigla dosadasnje velike uspehe na svom blogu, i zelim ti da budes jos bolja ❤❤❤


  5. Draga, želim ti srećan prvi blogorođendan. Želim da ih proslaviš još mnogo mnogo i da budeš uspješna kao i sada .. Odlična si i mislim da treba da nastaviš dalje. Drago mi je što si dostigla ovoliki uspjeh, svaka čast. Čestitam još jednom, bravo! ♥♥


  6. Happy blogging anniversary and happy holidays!

    Xoxo, Victoria


  7. Merry Christmas)) Have a joyful time! ANd happy blog birthday!

  8. I am so happy when I hear bloggers say these things. It reminds me of why I love blogging and why I started four years ago! Glad to have you blogging!

    1. Thank you very much ! So happy to read this comment! xoxo