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Hello guys and welcome to another post on my blog!
Winter is slowly showing it's best by making us dress up a little bit warmer than usual, wearing big coats and jackets, scarfs, cute little hats and big sweaters. You can feel coziness in the air!
But where to find perfect winter clothes that are not just warm, but stylish and cool, too?
FashionMia is a right web shop to look for!
This time, I'll be showing you some of the really wonderful winter women coats from FashionMia, a web shop where you can find really cute and stylish clothes!
I am going to show you some of the coats I personally like and the rest you can find on their web shop page women cheap coats!
So let's see what would I pick as an outwear for this winter...

I love this type of coats/jackets and they are so popular right now! I'm dying to buy one and I really love these ones on FashionMia web shop.
Gladly surprised with the number of products they have and the ability to choose between many of them!
Which one is the most beautiful to you?
I really can't choose!

Thank you for reading, hope you liked this post and if you did, be sure to let me know down bellow! I love reading your comments!
Talk to you soon and love ya all!


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34 komentari

  1. Great choices! I didn't know this shop, I must check it out ❤️
    Have a fab weekend beauty!

  2. I love the denim looking one as well as the military green one with the black sleeves. Both are super trendy right now and I love how simple they are. They can work with so many things, and they also look super warm
    Great selection!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  3. Excellent post! I can hardly wait for them to start winter wear these coats that are too sweet. You have a style and chose you just beautiful :)
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  4. Jako lepe jaknice, bukvalno mi se sve sviđaju *--*

    Kika's blog

  5. I love coats so much!
    The third one is my fav :D

  6. Predivne jakne. Najlepse su mi druga i cetvrta! Odusevio me je tvoj blog, imas novog clana!♥
    Moj blog-

  7. I love the second one, it's a great choice

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  8. Sve su jakne jako lijepe, ali treca mi se najvise svidja!

    My latest post | Instagram

  9. The second coat is my favorite
    Great inspirations, perfect for this weather

    Happy week for you
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    My latest post about DressarteParis, get 20 % off
    Kisses, Isabelle

  10. that coats looks awesome I needed this inspo , because winter is coming

  11. Super jakne *_* <3

  12. Odlican post draga, stvari su divne! <3

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  13. Nice post

    Love Vikee


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