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Hello my loves and welcome to another post! This time, I'm doing a wishlist from a lovely web shop called Dresslily . Dresslily is basically a web shop which offers you some amazing stuff including not only clothes, but accessories, jewelry etc.
And the best part about it is the free shipping worldwide!
These are just some stuff I've chosen to share with you because I consider them very stylish and chic, like something I'd buy and wear, of course.

 First thing is this beautiful Grass Pattern Hollow Out Solid Color Cape . I love the way it suits this outfit. Great for spring and summer!

The next thing is this beautiful set of necklace and earrings. I pretty much want it only because of the necklace but earrings are pretty,too.
I love the new trends like this one about wearing huge necklaces. I really can help to make any combination more stylish and special.
A Suit of Chic Queen Pattern Coin Necklace and Earrings For Women is definitely on my wishlist!
Everybody needs a simple black crossbody bag. I love this one because it's really cheap but really pretty. You can ,also, find it in white and I think the white one looks way better than this one because of the little golden details that are better combination with white than black. But black would suit every combination better. Sweet Belt and Metallic Design Women's Crossbody Bag is on my wishlist,too.

Geneva Golden Case Women Quartz Watch Double Scales Wristwatch Decorative Sub-dials Leather Band is the next product on my wishlist. I really want a cute new watch I can wear all the time. This one is great for that. You can find it in different colors but I like the white one the most.

Scoop Collar Sleeveless Floral Print Chic A-Line Chiffon Women's Dress is a really pretty dress and so cheap at the same time. It looks really quality and I love this floral print. 

So that was it for this wishlist! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! 
I love you guys so much and thank you for reading!


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  1. White and gold is just perfect! I like your picks dear, but my favorite is the white wrists watch, so adorable and elegant <3 I've ever heard about Dresslily too, and I think they have many beautiful collections!



  2. Prelijepe stvari, sve mi se sviđa što si izdvojila ovdje :D


  3. You really know how to pick a nice dress, love them both.


  4. Wow, the pieces are so cool <3 want them!


  5. Great wishlist! I love this shop 💗💗💗

  6. Your wishlist is lovely ♥ Free shipping is great!

    Have a nice day~


  7. Thank you for your comment on my blog, so happy to come over and see yours! I've not heard of this website before, but it looks so lovely! I'll definitely be having a little browse, that black bag is so cute :)

    Life With Fay <3 x

  8. These are such nice pieces and make them great items for the summer or even spring~ Looking forward to more of your wishlists~


  9. I love the necklace and the watch, super cute pieces!
    Happy week!


  10. I loved the purse

    xx LL


  11. I am inlove with your lists!!! I love the black purse.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, yes i would love for us to follow each other. I am your newest follower. Now I'll wait for your follow back so we can keep in touch!

    -Eva M.

  12. Lovely post.

    New post is up on 'ARIEL MIRON' www.arielmiron.com

  13. Lovely post Vidana i am loving that watch


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