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Hello my loves!
How are you doing? Hope everything's fine with you and that you're enjoying your summer days!
In this post, we are going to talk about homecoming dresses. I just love to talk about dresses and web shops that offer amazing and beautiful dresses for every occasion.
This time, we are going to talk about 27dress.com web shop which offers you high quality dresses at factory prices. We won't talk about every kind of dresses they offer today, I want to talk about homecoming dresses by 27dresses .

For me, it's always a huge fun to buy dresses for special occasions. They offer really wide range of dresses because we are all different so we love different kind of dresses. 
I will show you some beautiful dresses from 27dress . The first one you see up there if my favorite one. I love bows and lace together, but not like too much or in different colors. This dress looks like it's from Disney movies and every girl would feel like a princess wearing it.

A little black dress with lace details is always a good choice. This one had open back and a little bit in front. It's for really confident girls.

 This purple dress is so pretty! I love the shining part at the top part and the bottom is really princess-ish. I absolutely love it! 

You can never go wrong with red and skin color combination! Lace is so in right now so most of these dresses have lace details. I love it, and the color is really pretty!

A shiny golden dress for the times you want everyone to look at you because you look stunning!

This one is so pretty! You already know how much I love black dresses but it's not just about color, look at the simple design of this dress, but yet so special!

When we are talking about simple design but special design, I needed to show you this stunning red dress! It's really pretty and I love the straps on the back, so cute!

Cute dresses like this one are always a great choice if you want to look special but not too much. I love the bottom part of this dress which is like layering and actually looks really princess-ish (I made a new word haha) although the color is not pink. 

Needed to show you this dress because of its top part! It's so pretty, it has pearls around it and leaves in the middle. I love these little sleeves. I'd say this dress is like a dress+jewelry in one because you really don't need to wear jewelry with this one or just wear minimalistic pieces, like the girl on the photo.

That was all for today! 

Thank you so much for reading, hope you've enjoyed as much as I did! 
I love you guys, see ya next time! 


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  1. Beautiful dress and blog ;)


  2. Zlatna haljinica je predivna *-*
    💕 forever-blogm.blogspot.com 💕 - novi post <3

  3. Gorgeous dresses! x


  4. Belos vestidos arrasou nas inspirações amei
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br/

  5. Truly very pretty dresses. Love your picks..
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my posts Dear.

    Recently Posted:http://www.thepositivewindow.com/2016/06/7-types-of-scarves-every-fashion-woman.html

  6. ona prva zlatna mi je apsolutni favorit, ali sviđa mi se i ona slična crvena....ovaj A kroj na koktel haljinicama je sladak i djevojački.


    1. I meni je prva najljepša. Hvala na komentaru! :)

  7. Beautiful post Vildana, these dresses are gorg

  8. Bas kreativna ideja za post, zaista svaka cast :) Sve haljine su savrsene, a najvise mi se dopada haljina sa druge slike. Boja je predivna, a blago otvorena ledja i mala cipka su se bas lepo uklopile <3 Takodje, haljina sa predzadnje slike me ja stvarno ocarala :) Tako je jednostavna, a predivna. Nego, koliko ja vidim ako nastavim ovako ovo vise nece biti komentar, nego ce postati post haha, tako da definitivno prekidam :D :D :D

    Na mom blogu je najava za Q&A, pa ako zelis pogledaj <333

    1. Haha hvala puno na divnom komentaru, naprotiv, volim kada mi ostaviš duge komentare, baš uživam čitajući draga <3

  9. Post je super!Zahvaljujem ti što si meni i ostalim djevojkama dala ideju za tu web-shop stranicu,!
    Meni najljepše haljne su definitvno prva, ona ljubičasta,crvena i 6. slika po redu.
    Super su slike i haljine su stvarno izuzetne!Ly!❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Thank you so much Vildana!! :) You always have sweet words to me! :) Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  11. Amazing post

    Love Vikee

  12. I love the first dress, very pretty! But the other ones are pretty too:) Thanks for sharing, V!

    please visit and leave comment on my new post here:

  13. OMG...

    I like the dresses!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  14. Stvarno si odabrala divne haljine za ovaj post! Prva mi je nekako baš simpatična. :D


  15. Ooh! I love the purple and the red ones!

  16. I can totally relate. I'm a dress girl through and through.
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com


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