Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Floral Embroidery Jeans | Zaful

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! This post is going to be my review on the floral embroidery jeans I recently got from web shop called Zaful, you have probably heard about.

So I have probably shared these ones with you in one of my Zaful wishlists and here I am wearing them now! I am really happy I decided to get these jeans. I am usually a little bit worried about will the jeans I get online fit me and the ones I got last spring, I think, from Zaful didn't fit me well but I decided to give these ones a try because I saw a lot of my lovely fellow bloggers wearing them and saying they are amazing.

The jeans are super quality and fit me great, I don't know if I got them in size M or L, I'd have to check that out later and update if you would like to know.
The thing I like about these jeans the most is the pattern on the sides which is so pretty embroidery floral print. 

As I said, they fit me well, they are quality pair of jeans and I really like them but there's just one thing I am not satisfied with - they came with stains, probably got dirty somewhere in the transport but it was really hard to clean those stains, hard but possible which I am happy about.

You can get them --> HERE 
for only $35.99

So do you like them? Tell me in the comments down below! I'd love to hear your opinion!
I think these colors fit my blog theme,too haha! 
That was all for this post, hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it as a relaxation method because I have some pretty important school stuff to do but nah, here I am writing a blog post and it's totally satisfying - I know I have done something today (I wrote a post, wow!) and I totally enjoyed it! How could you not just love blogging? Haha.

Love you all so,so,so much and thank you for reading!



  1. Eoe, još na instagramu su me oduševile ove hlače. Zaista divno izgledaju ^_^
    Dopada mi se tvoja kombinacija :*

    Moj mali kutak

  2. Super kombinacija, draga.❤

    Ako zelis baci oko na moj blog

  3. Ajmeee sad smo twins♥♥
    Ja obožavam ove hlače, baš sam ih dosta nosila dok je bilo toplije vrijeme, savršene su i tebi jako lijepo stoje ☺

  4. Hlače su predivne,odlične za jesen!
    Također,fenomenalno ti stoje.♥

    Bella Place.