Sunday, September 3, 2017


Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This one is going to be a back to school post and I'll be sharing with you a DIY I made which I found out about on YouTube. Was it successful? Umh... Not really sure but you'll see if you keep reading.

You will need :
  • newspaper / magazine
  • scissors 
  • see-through tape
  • pencil/notebook, where you want to apply your stickers to

First cut out the pieces from the magazine you want to make stickers.
I recommend you to take the pieces where the background is white and the letters are black
I did a mistake of taking these blue background and white letters pieces and that's why this DIY didn't turn perfect but good.

Apply the see-through tape over these pieces and put them in water (the temperature doesn't matter) for like 5 minutes. 

After that just peel of the paper of that pieces, and the letters will be left on the tape.
The tape will be sticky although it was in water and just stick it to your school supplies.
I just went over the letters with black sharpie because the letters were red and I liked the black more but just to mention, the letters were visible without the sharpie, too.

I would just recommend you to take the pieces with the white background and the black letters because they look better.

Some DIYs for BACK TO SCHOOL I find cool : 
- decorating your pencils with washi tape
- book holder out of cereal box 
-  and this little bookmark 

That was all for this post! 
Hope you've liked it! I love you all and talk to you soon!



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  2. Kako je ovo odličan post. Zaista sam oduševljena sa njime i mislim da su ovi DIY projekti jako lagani, a opet veoma zanimljivi ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Divne ideje,sve si divno objasnila.
    Također slike su predivne!♥

    Bella Place.

  4. Great design and some good clever ideas to make them more attractive. Must do work in giving the children a motivation in going back to school after the vacations.