Sunday, June 11, 2017

New In

Hello guys and welcome to the new post on my blog!
So, since I've got a couple of things left to show you from my recent haul at Zaful, actually just two things , I decided to make a post like 'New in' where I'll show you things I got recently but wasn't able to do an outfit post because I took all of these photos on my own and it was pretty hard although I do it often so...
I hope you don't mind and that you'll like this post!

The first thing I got is this simple but beautiful striped shirt. It's just in blue and white color and has these big buttons on the bottom of the sleeves. It also has this thing (which I don't know the name for) on the top so it's supposed to be off shoulder shirt but I like to wear it the normal way, I don't know why. 
It's super comfortable and really affordable,too.

YOU CAN GET IT ---> HERE although I am not sure if it's out of stock now.

The second thing is this black shirt which says MENDES 98 on the back.
If you read my blog for quite a long time, you are aware of how much I love Shawn Mendes and his music so when I saw this... I just needed to have it. 
It's super comfortable, the material is so nice and I absolutely love it.

YOU CAN GET IT --> HERE for only $13.49 but now available just in color white. 

Also check out velvet shirt dress on Zaful . 

 So that was all for this post, hope you've enjoyed it!
Love you all and talk to you soon!