Saturday, January 28, 2017

January Favorites

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
I know I haven't published anything for a while now and I am really sorry about that.
The thing is, the school has began and I don't get time to do all of the things I wanna do. I literally leave my house at 5 am and get home at 4 pm so I feel pretty sleepy after school and that's just what I do - I sleep... And oh, I spend much more time on Instagram than I should haha.
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So let's talk about the important stuff right here... It's time for January Favorites!
Haven't done favorites for a pretty long time but I like this kind of posts so I'm back with them and I hope you'll like them. 

Let's see what I am satisfied with for this month...

J E W E L R Y 

For this month, I've been wearing mostly these three pieces of jewelry. 
My Barbas & Zacari watch which I recently wore every single day, I really love it.
You can see how much I wore it because the color has slowly started fading on the bracelet of the watch.
The second is this maroon friendship bracelet which I have for a really long time. My sister bought it to me, she has the same,as well as two of our friends.
The last piece of jewelry is this red bracelet with the Blue Evil Eyes (I'm not superstitious, I just like how cute they look). 

M A K E  U P 

About the make up, there are also three products for this month which I used the most.
First is this Farmasi foundation which I really like. I finally found the right color of the foundation and I really like how it looks when I have it on.
You know I love Essence lip products and this lip pencil is probably one of my favorite make up products by Essence. It's in this pretty natural color in shade 06 Satin Mauve.
The last product is this Farmasi lipstick which I am not sure in which shade it is but this color... It's so beautiful!

P E R F U M E 

I've used two perfumes : Christina Aguilera and Tesori d'Oriente.
I am pretty sure you have heard about the first one and I'll just say it's amazing and I ran out of it for a short time.
The second one, I think most of you didn't heard about. They've just became popular, I think and I really love the scent of this one.
You absolutely need to try it, recommended!

That was all for this post! If you want me to do a post about the songs I've recently been listening to ,tell me down bellow!

Thank you so much for 70k page views! This is amazing, didn't see it coming!
Thank you so ,so, so much! 

I love you all and talk to you soon!


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sammydress Sweater Review

Hello everyone!
How are you? I hope you are doing well!
In today's post, I will be reviewing Sammydress sweater I recently got.
So let's see what is this about...

Don't mind my face. For some reason I look pretty ugly on these photos but oh well... That's how I look like haha! Jk, jk.
Now, let's talk about this beautiful sweater!
Firstly, I am pretty pleased on how it fits me because it's one sized sweater. 
It's pretty big and I love the wide sweaters like this because you feel comfy wearing them.
  It's not too long and it looks perfect on high-waisted jeans. 
This kind of sweaters with chokers are pretty popular right now and I love this trend.
The zippers on the arms are pretty cool detail,too so it totally looks modern.
You don't have to wear too much jewelry with it because it looks amazing with only few bracelets or you can even wear a little necklace with it. 

It's available in multiple colors such as black, earthy, green, gray, wine red and this one - light purple. I love this shade the most because it's just beautiful color light purple and I don't know is it just me but it reminds me somehow of the brown color. 

The price is $15.41.

You can get it here -

That was all for this post! Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did while writing it!
Please tell me down bellow do you like this sweater and are you going to order it?
I wanna hear your thoughts!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Born Pretty Store #5

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to be my fifth review of web shop called Born Pretty Store which I am in love with!
I am always honest with you and I'll be this time,too, so don't worry!
Let's get into this!

The first thing I got was this pen which looks like an ordinary pen until you realize you can't see what you have written with it until you use the light you have on the top of the pen. Isn't that amazing?
This sounds like something students would be interested in for cheating on exams so that's exactly why I ordered it. I love the idea but I don't think I'd be that brave to use it on my exams because of the light that my professors would notice really quickly. But, I might still try.

I have always loved bracelets that come in set.
They look amazing together and you can also wear them separately.
I like this ones because they are classic, black and silver bracelets that can go with every outfit. 

And a long-waited item I wanted so bad for like two or three months and when I found it on Born Pretty Store, I was so happy and I quickly decided to order it.
I am not sure what is all of that excitement about...
I have asked my girls from which I love to chat on Facebook, we have a group together and we share advice and help each other , about this mask, after I got it because I was a little bit anxious about putting something from this kind of shops on my face ( no offence, I love this kind of shops but I am worried about having something unknown on my face ) .
One told me that it ruins your face and I was like 'Could that be possible?' and another one replied saying it doesn't ruin your face but it doesn't help to get rid of blackheads at all.
But, I still decided to try it.
I put it on some of the areas of my face where I have the most blackheads, mostly around my lips. 
And, when I took it off, I realized I see no change...
I couldn't tell if there is at least a little bit change.
And, I don't know if this is because of this mask, but I got couple pimples around my lips for a few days.
I cannot really tell was it because of this mask because I am a teenager, in puberty who has really weird periods of her life. I have always had clean face until it comes to my period, a week before my period I get few pimples and I consider it as okay.
I think it is caused by that but I am still not sure if it's about exactly this product, but I don't believe in black masks more. 
I saw no changes at all. 

That was all for this post! Hope you've liked it!
Talk to you really soon!
Love you all! 


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Romwe Wishlist

Hello my dear readers!
How are you doing? I hope you are well.

Today, I am going to show you what's on my wishlist from Romwe web shop which is one of the most popular web shops ever and I really like their offer. They have really beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories and I think you'll love it.

Let's see what's on my wishlist ...


Hope you like my wishlist. Tell me down bellow what's the most beautiful fashion piece in this wish list? I love reading your comments!

Thank you for visiting my blog, that was all for this post! 
Love you all and talk to you soon!


Friday, January 13, 2017

Room Decoration Tips | Arhaus

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
In this post, I am going to share with you some tips on how to decorate your room and what really matters while decorating it. 
So let's get into this...

Small decoration pieces 
You can really spice up your room by adding some new small decoration pieces such as the ones on my photo. I've got this Russian kind of egg from the family I was staying with in Turkey. The woman I was staying with was Russian and she thought this would be a perfect gift to give me as a little thing which will always remind me of that trip. I really like it!
The second thing in the photo you've already seen if you read my blog often. It's from Born Pretty Store and it's Eiffel's tower figure. I love how it looks like on my shelves!

Small or big, organizers in the shape of makeup organizers, pencil or brushes holders or this little heart box on the photo , can really help you to decorate and keep your room organized all the time. 
No one likes when their room is messy so this will be 2 in 1 because you organize and decorate your room in one. 
These makeup organizers you can literally get anywhere online. 
Another great way to organize and decorate your room in one move.
I like to keep my jewelry in boxes and sometimes I buy them, but sometimes, I make them on my own like this blue box.
You can really do it easily. 
Just take any shoes box you have hanging around in your room and you don't use and find some decorative paper. 
Just wrap it around and glue it.
Ta-da ! You've got a wonderful decorative box you can put stuff in and have more space in your room.

 Display your favorite perfumes
Most perfumes today have wonderful packages who are on their own, perfect decorative piece so displaying your favorite perfumes on your shelf can spice up your room, make your shelf look pretty girly, if I can say it like that, and make it easier for you to find them when you need them!
My favorite perfumes are Christina Aguilera and Our Moment by One Direction.

Wall stickers and DIYs
You don't have to spend fortune on really cute wall decoration. 
You can buy some canvas pictures, wall stickers or do it yourself.
There are many DIYs which you can find online.
I did this heart shapped wall decor on my own and I really like it. 

But you can't really have a beautiful decorated room without lighting. 
I can recommend you a wonderful web shop called Arhaus where you can find amazing decorating pieces for your home and also, lovely lighting.
There you can find chandeliers, pedant lighting, sconces,flushmounts, table lamps and many more. 

Be sure to check out Arhaus offers and tell me down bellow did you like them. Also, tell me down bellow do you like this post and do you want to see more of these kind of posts.

I love you all and talk to you soon!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Teasenz Review

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
In this post, I am going to review five different teas I got from Teasenz.
I hope you'll like this post and let's get started!

The first tea I got was Imperial Jasmine.
This tea has bitter taste and it reminds me of black tea. The feeling after it is identically like when you've drank black tea but I like it somehow. Maybe I should try to add some milk to kill the bitterness? I'll try it.
I like the scent, it's nice and natural.

The next tea is Milk Oolong.
As the name says, it has somehow milky taste and it's nice.
It has the same color as the first one, greenish to yellowish color like most of these natural teas are.
I like the scent, it's not too strong and the scent is also milky. 
I like it!

The next one is Snow Chrysanthemum .
This one actually has different color than these two teas before. It's dark red color which I love!
The scent is somehow undefined because I cannot really tell of what it reminds me of, just natural scent. The flowers look really special.
It has nice taste and I've really enjoyed it!

The next is the tea with really special name - West Lake Dragon Well.
It's in the same color as the first two ones and this one tastes slightly bitter and it doesn't have a lot expressed taste or scent.
I can't tell if I like it.

And last but not least - Anxi Tie Guan Yin .
I don't even know what the name means but I like the scent of this one, it's nice.
The taste is little bit bitter but natural and I like it.

And now, in general : 
I really like Teasenz.
I love the packages of the teas, they look pretty classy and easy to understand. 
It's all written on the package, how much you time you need to make it, it's about 3-5 minutes always on temperatures you've written on the package,too. It also says where the herbs are from which is really interesting .

So that was all for this post! 
Hope you've liked it and talk to you really soon!
Love ya!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Travel With Me To Hogwarts |

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to be a little bit different but I really hope you'll like it.
I was inspired by a new car sharing company, Turo, to share my dream cars I'd love to drive from pop culture.

So, it took me to the point where I think that would be awesome!

Don't tell me you have never thought, standing on the train station, that if there was platform 9 and 3/4 you wouldn't hop right into that wall hoping you won't actually hit the wall but come through and get into the train to go to the ride that could change your life.

It could be wonderful! Coming into the train full of wizards who are so excited to come back to Hogwarts - the place where everything becomes special and magical.
Hoping you will actually see him - the famous Harry Potter and his 'partners in crime' - Hermoine and Ron! 
And then you sit there feeling weird because you know nobody and asking yourself is this a dream and how could it be reality... 
The ride in Hogwarts Express would be magical. Why? It's not like an ordinary travelling journey.
You are actually travelling in the train who is supposed to take you to the School for wizards and witches. How can it possibly be ordinary?
And just by the time you find a place and sit there, you get honor to try the candies you were reading so much about. In all flavors. Literally all. 
And after that, just by leaning on the window, you fall asleep and actually feel like it was the best ride of your life because sleeping there was more comfortable than sleeping in your bed. 

Turo is actually a company where you can rent a car, There you can find amazing cars you can rent for going on a trip for the weekend or anything like that.Find the perfect car for your next adventure, courtesy of local car owners.

Visit Turo and learn more about them! 

I really hope you've enjoyed this post! 
I really enjoyed writing it and taking myself to Hogwarts in my head by Hogwarts Express.
Tell me your opinions down bellow!

Love you all and talk to you really soon!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Born Pretty Store #4

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you doing? Hope everything's fine!

Today,I'll be showing you a thing I got from Born Pretty Store couple days ago which was actually in the last order but it arrived in the package after it. 
It's another wall sticker which I ordered for my sister.

The wall sticker is really beautiful but when she put it it kept falling off but she glued it and it's okay now. It looks really cute on the white wall and she loves it!
There were a lot of these butterflies with it and she glued it on her mirror, didn't take a photo of it but it also looks cute and it's cool that you don't have to glue it all in one place.

Totally recommended.

That was all for this post! Hope you've enjoyed!
Love you and talk to you soon!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Zaful Watch Review

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This time, I'm writing you review of an item I recently got from a web shop called Zaful .
I'm sure you've already heard about it and I absolutely love this web shops!
The products are really quality and I think I like everything I got from them so far.
Let's see what I got this time...

I got this beautiful world map watch. I really like this kind of watches and I've wanted one for so long and when I saw it on Zaful, I knew I needed to have it.
It looks almost identically like in the photos on the web shop.
I was little bit disappointed when I first put it on my wrist , it broke because the needle which connects this watch circle and the bracelet fell off and I thought I will not be able to fix it but my sister succeeded in fixing it and I think I am going to wear it a lot.

You can get in in color black for only $5.21 ---> HERE!

That was all for this post! Hope you've liked it!
Love you and talk to you soon!