Saturday, December 31, 2016


Hello my loves and welcome to a new post on my blog!
You know how much I appreciate my collaboration with StyleWe and I think the end of this year is a perfect time to tell you something about them again because I think their web shop is really great and deserves the attention.
The products are fashionable, affordable and really cute, if you ask me!

2017 will bring us something new, exciting and we should prepare for it. What is better way to prepare for a fresh start than buying new clothes?
I mean, shopping is life!
That's why you should check out StyleWe, definitely one of the best web shops.

You should prepare for Summe 2017 by buying new swimwear and StyleWe has a really beautiful range of it.
But if you are still not beach person, you can always change your style into skater style with their page 'How to dress like a skater' where you can find bunch of tips for dressing like a skater.
I think their style is totally cool and I think I am going to try to dress more like them in the new year because this one will be a chance for all of us to change our styles and find ourselves in fashion.

Love you and talk to you later!


Millybridal UK

Hello guys and welcome to a new post on my blog!
I'll do a life update post soon to explain why I wasn't blogging the last month so much but I'm going to tell you now that I am going to post more in January because I am on winter break and I am so happy because this semester is finally over!

Anyway, I'm going to talk about Millybridal UK .  
It's a web shop which sells dresses for special occasions, such as Bridesmaid Dresses UK and Wedding Dresses UK . 
It's a really beautiful web shop with really affordable prices. offers a range of beautiful wedding dresses, elegant bridesmaid dresses, matching shoes and exquisite accessories for brides. All the dresses are fine-designed and made from high quality fabric. With unbeatable low prices, you will not go bank-broke if shopping here.
They also have a team of specialists who can help you with your choice, great customer service and I think I like their site a lot.
I am going to show you just few of them. 

This one you can check out here !
You can check out this one here

This one you can check out here

This one you can check out here !

If you want, check out their web shop and tell me which one of these dresses you like the most!
I love all of them and I think this is a great web shop!
I want to hear your opinions so be sure to let me know down bellow!

I also want to thank you for amazing 60k views! Cannot believe we have came this far...
Amazing... Truly amazing! Thank you so much!
I love you all and talk to you soon!


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Nunuco Notebook & Tumbler Review

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is a collaboration with lovely brand called Nunuco. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I'll have a chance to work with them and to review some of their products. 
Although this is collaboration, you can expect honest review with my unbiased thoughts, as always. 
There will be two products I will review in this post from Nunuco brand but first, I'm going to tell you what you can buy on their wonderful web shop. 
There, you can find agendas, stationery, drinkware, all sorts of leather goods such as passport holders, make up & wash bags, coin purses and wristlet wallets, and iPhone cases.
They are absolutely stylish and unique brand with really cool designs.

Their drinkware products collection is something new so I was looking forward to getting to review the only product from that collection that they are having available now - an unicorn tumbler.
I've also, chosen a really cute notebook with that and I hope you'll like them. 
Keep reading!

I was pleasantly surprised so see this card come with the package. It's a very beautiful act of them to include something personalized like this with a
I'm officially a Nunuco girl!

The first product I got is this super cute Unicorn Tumbler !
I've never actually had a tumbler so this is pretty exciting for me haha. And when I saw there are unicorns all over it... I needed to have it!
I recommend it to all of you out there because it is so tumblr and yeah, it looks way better than me haha!
You can get it by clicking on Unicorn Tumbler up there!

And last, but definitely not least, is this beautiful Swans Notebook saying 'SECRETS' on it. 
It's lined notebook and I don't really know what I am going to use it for, yet, but it's the cutest thing ever so I couldn't resist. Swans remind me of Barbie fairy tales and Idk why... Is it just me? 
It also has this beautiful gold bookmark and I think I need to find ideas for what I am going to use this notebook and several other cute notebooks I have. 
Any suggestions?
Tell me down bellow!

That was all for this post!
Really hope you've enjoyed it and tell me down bellow did you like these photos? I tried hard, can't you see hahah...
Never mind, I'll just go now...
Love you all and talk to you later!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

12/22/2015 - 12/22/2016 Blogiversary


You, reading this... Thank you!
Thank you for this amazing one year, 12 months, 365 days behind us!
Thank you for everything!
Blogging and this blog have became one of the things I love doing the most in this entire world.
And having you here to support and encourage me to keep doing it by reading my posts, following me and giving me opportunities to collaborate with amazing brands I could never imagine working with, is just incredible and I cannot remember a way to thank you enough for all of this!
This blog has truly changed my life.
It gave me a chance to express my feelings through writing and earn amazing audience, readers and actually - friends! It gave me a chance to talk to different people from all around the world making new friendships and work fellows.
I've been sick for couple of days and I am able to publish this post now after 2 days of my blogiversary... Hope you don't mind! And by the text up there you can probably see I am still sick a little bit haha because I run out of inspiration really fast but it's okay... You know I love and appreciate you without being needed to write it.

Thank you so much!
Love you to the moon and back !

Bye , V

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Petite Maxi Dresses | STYLEWE

Hello guys and welcome to the new post on my blog!
How are you doing? I hope you are fine and if you aren't that this post will make you happy because I mean, shopping makes everyone happy and today I'm showing you a really beautiful web shop called StyleWe which sells amazing petite maxi dresses ! 
These three are just some of the ones I found beautiful on their web shop...

Do you like these dresses? 
Which one is the most beautiful one to you? 

Please tell me down bellow and be sure to check out StyleWe blog for more fashion news and their YouTube  channel to support their work. 
You can also check out just fashion now

I hope you liked this post! I love you all and talk to you soon!


SheIn Wish List

Hello guys and welcome to a new post on my blog!
In this post, I am going to share with you my wishlist from a web shop called SheIn.
SheIn is a web shop where you can find clothes, accessories and shoes for women. Their products are trendy and I love them!
These are just a few of their products I wanna buy. 



So that was all for this post! Do you like the products I picked up to feature in this post?
Please let me know down bellow! 
Love you all and talk to you soon!
Bye, V

Sunday, December 11, 2016

WS Dear Sweater | Review

Hello my dear readers and welcome to a new post on my blog!
This time I am doing just a short post, a review for a sweater I recently got from WS Dear.
The photos will be just the sweater itself, because I couldn't take photos of the sweater on me because it doesn't look nice at all.


This sweater is in size L and it came so short that you can't even wear in with high-waisted jeans and I am around 163 cm high so... It's pretty short haha.
I don't know if I am ever going to wear it. 
I don't recommend this product and I think it's not worth the money although the material is nice, the sweater just doesn't fit and it's not wearable.
I think WS Dear has so many great products that are worth the money and quality but this one is not one of them. 

Hope you've liked this post!
Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!
Love you!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Winners of the ZAFUL $100 GIFT CARD Giveaway | 50K PAGE VIEWS?! | MY FAN PAGE?!

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This is going to be a short post where I'll just lead you to the page where you can see the winners of the Zaful $100 gift card giveaway.

If you find your name / e-mail there you should write an e-mail to before December 17th! 

Thank you for entering the giveaway and I hope there will be a more of them on my blog in the future!
Also, wanted to thank you for amazing 50k page views on my blog !
It's insane and I just can't figure out how to express how thankful I am to you guys!
You have literally changed my life and made me figure out what I like to do and where can I imagine myself in the future!

A wonderful girl on Instagram made a fan page for me and I was literally so surprised when I saw that! The username of the fan page is : @vildanasuta_fp on Instagram so be sure to check it out and support that girl who made the account. Thank you very much, it means a lot to me, all of your support and love for me... It's incredible! I've never thought I'd made this many great friends on Internet and it's all because of this blog.

Again, thank you so much and I love you to the moon and back!

Talk to you really soon!
Bye, V

Sunday, December 4, 2016

After The Ball | #MovieReview

Hello guys and welcome to another post from #MovieReview column!
(I wrote this post a long time ago and I decided to post it now because I love this column on my blog and I might start doing these kind of posts again on winter break).

This time, I'm reviewing movie called 'After the Ball' .
As you probably see up there on movie poster there's a quote saying : 'Fairytales are always in fashion.' But which fairytale does this look like to you?
It's Cinderella, of course.
This is a comedy romance movie and it's just for the days when you are to tired to watch a movie with a deep meaning. Very predictable movie but it's really relaxing because you know it'll end happily, as every fairytale does.
The story : A young girl finishes designer school and wants to find a job. Her mother has passed away and her father had created a new family marrying a women with two daughters. After her friends convince her to ask her dad for a job because he owns a fashion company, she gets a job there but her stepsisters give her a job to sort the buttons when she meant she would be a fashion designer there. She accepts that and one day, when her button goes away, she follows it and finds a man who is making shoes for their company. She chats with him and they start their friendship.
After her stepmother convinces her dad she's a betrayer, that she shares their designs to their competition, she gets fired. Her friends suggest her to start working there again as someone else, which meant she needed to become a man, not like really but to pretend she's a man. She gets a job as designer and she success at proving her dad the betrayers are her stepmother and stepsisters, not her.
The three of them get kicked out of company and 'Cinderella' becomes designer along with her boyfriend who makes amazing shoes now. The relation between her and her dad becomes much stronger and better.
... And they lived happily ever after...

Story : 7/10
Movie quality : 7/10
All together : 7/10
Cute story, isn't it? 
Thank you so much for reading! I love you guys!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Gamiss Haul & Review

Hello guys and welcome to the new post on my blog!
It's been a couple days since I posted and I've really missed you, but really haha!
This time, I'm showing you what I recently got from Gamiss web shop and check their Facebook page.
You should definitely check out their web shop because I am really satisfied with the items I got.

The first thing I got was this knitted cardigan with open front and two pockets in color gray and 'one size' size. It fits perfectly and it's a really comfortable piece of clothing.
I really like it because it looks identical as it looks on their web shop and it only costs $14 because there's a sale on it just 12 more days so hurry up if you want to get it for this awesome price!

You can get it here -->

The last thing in this small haul are these boots.
I absolutely love them! They remind me of Harry Styles so much and they are so popular right now! 
They are just $19 right now and they are on sale from $47.55 to that price and there are just 2 days left for you to get them for this amazing price so you should definitely hurry up because you don't want to miss this huge deal.
I got them in size 38 and they fit me perfectly. You have the measurements on their web shop page so you can see how many centimeters/inches is your foot long and I recommend you to take a piece of paper and draw your foot on it and see how much it is long.

You can get them here -->

That was all for this post! Please tell me down bellow did you liked it and yeah, that was all, talk to you soon!
Love ya!