Thursday, September 1, 2016

Everything5pounds Review & Haul

Hello my dear readers!
I've prepared you a haul for today's post and I hope you'll like it.
The haul is from a web shop called Everything5pounds . As you can probably tell by its name, everything on that web shop, every single item is just 5 pounds which is really great and affordable.
I've been offered to choose 4 items from their web shop to do a honest review about. Let's see what I have chosen...

First thing I chose was this yellow top which is extremely cute and great for these summer-to-fall days. You can wear it on two ways like showed in the photos. I personally like the first way more because I am the person who moves my hands all the time and the second way would be really uncomfortable for me, if you know what I mean.
Anyways, this top is really cute, quality and stylish piece of clothing and it is, like everything else, just 5 pounds which is a really good deal for such a quality piece.
Mine is in size large (UK 12-14).

You can find it here -->

Next are these washed blue frayed jeans which I absolutely love! They are really comfy jeans and also, they are the top selling product on Everything5pounds which can say you a lot about them.
Highly recommended item! 
Getting to buy jeans for 5 pounds is a really,really great opportunity! 
I got mine in waist size 30 inches.

You can find them here -->

The third item are these contrast textured multi low trainers.
They are really great and I love them!
I've chosen the color flash black but you have them in like 4 colors so you can choose which ones you like the most.
I got them in size 5 but I think I should get them a size down maybe because they are a little bit too big for me, but I can still wear them.
Shoes for 5 pounds ?
It's possible!

You can get them here -->

Wait to see one more photo! I took a photo of them with a flash light and this the result...

So tumblr haha!!

And the last item was for my little sister! I got her this cute printed shirt which has sheer back.
I got it in size for 8 YEARS and she's 7 so it's a little bit too big for her now but she really likes it!
The color I chose for her was peach. The shirt looks pretty quality and I think she's going to wear it a lot!

You can get it here -->

So that was all for this post! 
Do you like the items I got and what do you think about Everything5pounds?
I love you all and see you next time!



  1. What a cute yellow blouse! You look adorable :)

  2. great post...

  3. Ajme slatkice!!
    Majica je preslatka, boja mi se sviđa, žuta se ove jeseni vraća u modu tako da super!
    Hlače su preedivne, stvarno se isplati za taj novac, a patike su me oduševile, baš su tumblr! Divno. ♥♥

  4. great review!

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  5. I love the first outfit *-*
    - I've followed you on instagram!

    Mia |

  6. Jao, ja sam se zaljubila u ovu žutu majicu! ♥

  7. Hi dear I love your style this web site has beautiful dresses!

  8. You got great products, especially love the yellow shirt :3


  9. The yellow blouse is so pretty. :)

  10. Joj, sve je tako slatko! <33
    Žuta majica i patikice su definitivno moji favoriti, stvarno skroz tumblr, hehe. :) Sjajan post! :) <33

    Novi post->

  11. Your outfit is perfect. I love your yellow top... kisses

    Do you want to follow for each other? If you want to tell me on my blog.

  12. Great stuff, enjoy wearing them all!
    Have a lovely day,
    Xoxo, Victoria

  13. Ta žuta bluza je divna! Odlična kombinacija. Čestitam na suradnji<3

  14. Zaista lepe stvari, počev od žute bluzice. To je boja koja je ovih godinu dana jako u modu,jako je osvežavajuća i bas je u 'summer' stilu, tako da ce ove jeseni biti pravi in u toplijim danima. Sto se tice patika, one su mene jako odusevile, jer su jako moderne i jako se nose, a i vrlo su sportski elegantne, bas po mom ukusu. Divan post zaista.

    1. Hvala ti puno na predivnom komentaru :) <3

  15. love that t-shirt….
    love your blog.
    P.S: follow you back….thanks..
    big kiss from

  16. The trainers are pretty cool, not bad for 5 pounds. These are great finds.

  17. I like everything you picked especially that shoes.

  18. Your outfit is so beautiful. I love your yellow top. Kisses!

  19. Love everything! :D

  20. Woow stvari su stvarrnooo predivne,odusevljena sam! Ugl. kliknula sam na sve linkove pa ako mozes klikni i ti na linkove koji se nalaze pri kraju mog zadnjeg postaa :*


  21. I like the yellow blouse! Have a good day!

  22. Love the look!

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