Wednesday, August 31, 2016

NewChic Wishlist

Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
I haven't done a wishlist in a while but you seemed to quite like these kind of posts so I'm doing another wishlist this time.
The wishlist is from the web shop called NewChic which offers really big range of products including clothes, accessories, shoes, home and garden stuff etc.
Pretty much everything you'd like to buy.

So let's see what is on my NewChic wishlist ...

Nap Queen Sweatshirt -->
Necklace -->
Sweatshirt -->
Don't Worry Be Yonce Sweatshirt -->
Sheep Sweatshirt -->
Nope Sweatshirt -->
Maroon Jacket --> 

As you can probably tell I picked up a lot of sweatshirts for this wishlist. I don't know why, but I find them extremely cute and great to wear during upcoming fall time.

Do you like my wishlist?
Would you buy any of these items?

If the answers are yes to both of these questions, I've got a coupon for you to use at the NewChic while shopping which is : Arriana.
With this code, you'll get 20% off your order.

And thank you so much for amazing and incredible 300 followers via GFC!
Each of you means the world to me and I want you to know I'm so grateful that I have you!
Also, we've reached 27k views which is awesome and thank you so much! I'm so looking forward to what is coming - 30k views?! Can we do that?!
Again, thank you so much!

So that was all for this post! 
Hope you liked it and see you next time!
Love ya!


Monday, August 29, 2016

Neum Trip Photos

Hello my lovely readers!
How are you doing? I hope you're fine.
I went to a trip today to Neum with my family. Neum is a city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina which has a beautiful beach so I'm going to share with you a few of the photos I took today although the batteries on my camera were dying all the time ( how intelligent I am to not remember bringing another batteries with me...) .
Hope you'll like the photos!

I've edited the photos myself and I know I'm not really good at it already but I'm just starting and really want to know what do you think about the photos?

That was it! 
Oh wait...
I just want to say happy birthday to Liam Payne, the sweetest person ever, I love him so much and I just wanted to write it here although he'll never read it so... Never mind.
Haha I love Liam Payne yas!

That was all, see you tomorrow and love ya all!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

#BTS Get Ready For Going Back To School

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to another back to school post!
This time, I'm sharing with you some tips on how to get ready for going back to school because it can sometimes be really hard to accept that you'll have to go back to school in just a few days and your whole life starts changing from then. You need to create new routine which won't include to get up when you want to or to have a whole day just for watching TV shows. We will need to create new routine where we have enough time for studying, sleeping, our hobbies, for our friends etc.
And it can be a really hard sometimes to have good grades, good social life and enough free time for your hobbies.
But, before we get into the darkness of planning our school days, we need to use the rest of our summer holidays to get ready for school!

You'll definitely need to go back to school shopping if you want to be totally ready for new school year. For the back to school shopping, I always choose two days : one for the supplies shopping and one for clothing shopping.
I have already done a supplies shopping on my blog, you can check it out here. And for the clothing part, I'll get some new clothing soon and I'll make sure to share it with you.
And if you prefer online shopping, I've shared some coupons for you here. My advice for you about back to school clothing shopping is to choose as many as possible simple clothing pieces because it makes putting outfits together a lot easier.

If you are healthy, taking care of your body by eating good foods and exercising, you'll find yourself way happier and capable of doing much more things in a day which will make your school day a lot easier. You'll always feel fresh, nice and confident about yourself.
I ate a lot of bad foods this summer because I mean ice creams, cold drinks...
Couldn't resist it but it's time to get serious and take care about what I eat, is it healthy or not, would it make me feel exhausted or full of energy etc.

You don't need to change yourself to make other people like you, to make your teachers or other students like you. Be nice to everyone but first of all - be yourself.
People who are similar to you will like you and others - don't care about them at all.
If you really want to change yourself, do it for yourself. 

I'm not saying you should sleep all days for these last days of summer break, I am saying you should make your own sleeping schedule which would fit in your school day. 
If you are going to go to school early, like 6-7 am you should make sure you go to sleep at 10 pm to get 8 hours of sleep. 
The first two years of high school, I'll be going to school at the midday and get home at the night  which is something that I've never done before, I was always going to school at the morning when I was in middle school and I think it's gonna be really hard to get used to this routine and I don't know how I'm going to put everything together so I have enough time for the things I have to and want to do.

Worrying won't help you at all.
Just give the best you can and be satisfied of the results you get.
Don't overthink about the situations that are probably never going to happen in reality because that will make you depressed and don't wanna go to school because you'll always think something bad is going to happen.

If you write down some of your goals for the new school year, it will help you to achieve them.
Maybe you want to have better grades or find new friends, just write it down and it'll definitely make it easier for you to achieve them.

So that was all for this post! Hope you like it, if you do , be sure to let me know down bellow and tell me when you are going back to school! 

I love you all! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
This time , I decided to share with you all of the coupons I have collected for you in the past month so you can use them to get yourself some cute new things for school.

The stores and the coupons :

Barbas & Zacari 
- 15% off with the coupon : VILDANA15

Fashion Kawaii
- 10% off with the coupon : LivingLikeV

Coconut Lane
- 20% off with the coupon : livinglikev20 

- 10% off with the coupon : VILDANA10

Born Pretty
- 10% off with the coupon : AEJ10 

Hope these coupons will help you at least a little bit!
This was really quick post because I really hadn't time to make another one but stay tuned for the next few posts which will definitely be interesting!

Love you all and see you tomorrow!


Monday, August 22, 2016

#BTS Supplies Haul

Hello my dear readers and welcome to a very exciting post!
I don't know about you but I just love to go to back to school supplies shopping so I decided to show you what I've got for myself this year.

So let's get into this...

I didn't really knew what I need for school because I'm starting high school this year and I don't really know which subjects we'd have so I made sure to get enough notebooks just in case I need them this much.
First of all, I got these four regular lined small notebooks.
First one is just the white notebook with a heart of flowers and it says 'Love'.
Second one is this cute dog with mustache and bow notebook which says 'I am hipster man' .
And now we have a FROZEN notebook! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of this notebook? I absolutely love it!

I bet you wanted to have a look into this notebook so here you go!
It's so cute! It even has the classes schedule on the back and I love when notebooks have a schedule because I can't really remember my classes so...
I mean, I don't even bother about that, I don't wanna unimportant things to take space in my brain.
Oh that sounded really weird.
I'm weird.
Welcome to my blog!

And this is the last small lined notebook I got.
This one also has a schedule and I needed to show you the inside of it because on the front it says 'not perfect. just special' which I find extremely cute!

Next I've got these three lined big notebooks.

The first one is this lion notebook which says 'Too cool for school' on the first page which is really cool.

The next one is this notebook with girl who has pink hair and a matching lipstick. She's really cool if you ask me. When I was five years old or something like that, I was telling everybody that I'm going to dye my hair into pink when I get older. 
Lucky, I changed my thoughts and yeah, I pretty much don't like pink color as I used to but it was cute so I thought why not. 
And yes, it also has the same 'Too cool for school' writing on the front as the previous one.
They are actually from the same brand called Lipa Mill or Mar Mar, not sure what's their main name now.

And the last one is this crazy owl notebook which is just the regular one but I think it's pretty cool.

Then I've got another three notebooks but these ones have the harder paper cover. The first two are with checkered paper and the last one is just the regular lined notebook but it's so cute, I mean, cat is saying 'Talking to me?' ! 

Then I've got two blue ink pens, one red ink and one black ink pen. I also got this correction pen which is an essential to me because I often do mistakes while writing with a pen.

Then I've got some pencils. The first two are just regular green pencils and then we've got the really pretty light green ones with gold and red details. 
And the last is this mechanical pencil and some mines for it.
I was that stupid to forget to buy an eraser so yeah, I'll definitely need to buy it later.
I didn't get any post-it notes because I already have the yellow ones from the last year which I didn't used much but if I'd need to, I'll buy another pack.

The last but not least - my golden pencil case! If you've seen my previous post which was a backpack review you'll know that this pencil case totally matches my new backpack!

So we came to the end! Hope you enjoyed! 
Please stay tuned because there are going to be lots of back to school posts in the next few days!
I love you so much and see you next time!


Sunday, August 21, 2016

#BTS Backpack Review | Banggood

Hello guys! How are you?
Hope you are doing well!
In today's post, I'm going to do a review of my new backpack for school which I got from Banggood web shop. You've probably already heard about this shop because it doesn't just sell clothes, shoes and accessories, but it sells electronics , everything for automobiles and motorcycles as well as computer and networking accessories which is really great. You will probably find a lot of stuff you like on Banggood. Also, this is the first post in my Back To School (#BTS) column and I hope you'll like this column / serie of posts.
The best thing about Banggood is that they have free shipping worldwide and your order should come in 7-25 business days. Mine came for only 15 days.
If you didn't saw my Banggood wishlist you can check it out right HERE.
In that wishlist I mentioned this backpack as one of the things I'd like from their web shop and here we are now.

So let's see the backpack.

This is the backpack I got.
It's the black backpack with these golden details. I love it so much!
It's really quality backpack and I'm going to wear it to school.
When I first saw it, I was like ' no way my textbooks are going to fit in there' but you'd be surprised how many stuff you can actually put in there.

It has one front pocket where you can fit your wallet, phone etc., just little essentials, two pockets on the sides (people use these pockets to carry their water bottles but I never actually do that, I carry mine in the big pocket of the backpack, am I the only one?) and one big pocket where you put your textbooks, notebooks, pencil case and other school supplies you need.
In the big pocket it has one zipped pocket on the back side and two small pockets on the front side.
The back of it looks like this. You can't probably tell but it has a crown from the thread on the back and it's just the black thread so you can't see it.
The suspenders are soft and really nice to wear. It also, like every backpack, has the adjustable part so you can lift it up or wear it loosely.

A few more photos of the backpack ...

And this is how it looks like on me...
(Yes, I'm in the same outfit like in the yesterday's post but it's because I took these photos yesterday, too)


Banggood is having a 10th anniversary party!!!
There are going to be funny games and limited discount will let you get many free and value goods.

Party entrance --> HERE <-- ! 

Hope you liked this post and yeah, there are just 17-18 days to the crazy 48h sale so be sure to stay tuned for that !
Wish you all happy shopping!
Love you guys!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Haul | Sammydress

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to another post!
This time I'm doing a haul from web shop called Sammydress .
Although this is collaboration, you know I'm going to be 100% honest with you about their products and customer service.
Before I show you the items I got, I want to mention that I've got the package 7 days after I ordered it which is really great considering the fact I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their web shop is Chinese.

About the customer service, I really have nothing to complain about, they were really nice to me and yeah, let's see what I've got.

First thing I've got was this beautiful cardigan/ kimono in white color.
This is just really nice kimono which I like the most of all of the items I got.
It's pretty see-through kimono and I like to wear it over a basic top like this white one.
I think it's really cute for the fall because you can also wear it over shirts and it'll give a special touch to every outfit.
The material is not that good, I mean it is but it's like the material that reminds me of curtains, if you know what I mean haha but I still like it and quality seems okay.
And this is the item I'm highly recommending from Sammydress. The price is really affordable, only $10.42 which is a great deal for a piece of clothing like this.


Hope you don't mind the photos aren't the same size because I needed to cut some of them, the background wasn't really nice.

The next thing are these high-waisted pants in maroon color.
They are really nice pants and the quality is suprisingly good.
I think they are perfect for these little colder summer days when you can't wear your shorts or skirts.
I totally recommend them but I wish it was possible to take like a half size bigger because the whole size bigger would be too loosely on me but I'm not regretting I ordered them. They were like under $10 which is awesome for a pair of pants.


I didn't want to add effects on this photo because this way you'll see what I'll be talking about.
This man shirt up there is supposed to be XXL size and it's probably size S in normal world.
I ordered this for my Dad and the fact that I actually followed their size chart on their web shop to measure my Dad's shirt to see which size is the best for him and voila- this is what came. If this is has 97 cm bust size, is 69 cm long , has 43 in shoulder size and 61 cm in sleeve lenght , then I am an alien.
And I don't think I am.
Although it'd be fun to be one, wouldn't it?

And let's talk about the material. I think the material is awful, plastic somehow.
I'm not saying it's not quality, maybe it really is, don't know but the look of the material and the feeling you touch it - it's just not what it was supposed to be...
I'm not recommending this.


And last but not least is this unfortunate jumpsuit! The reason I took photos of it like this is that it doesn't fit me. I ordered it in size M because that size is the one I often choose while buying clothes and it appears it's too small for me. 
I can't say anything bad about it's quality because it seems really great but the problem is that they aren't stretchable like most of the jeans you can buy today so they don't fit me but my Mom said she has got the solution in expanding them (if I can say it like that) by adding another fabric on the each side. I think that's a great idea and I can't wait for her to do it so I can show it to you and wear it 'cause I was looking for a jumpsuit like this for such a long time. In my country, they seem to be really expensive but , on this web shop, you can find them for only $15 which is awesome.


So that was it!
You can follow Sammydress blog  , it's the place you can find bunch of reviews and deals
or you can follow their Twitter profile

By the way, some of you wanted me to take a photo with my new glasses by Glassesshop (check out the last post) so you can see how they look on me now! 

Hope you've liked this post and see you next time! 
Love you!