Friday, July 29, 2016

Maybe Next Coconut Queen?! + To Die For Swimwear

Hello there!
I have a really special post for you today! I feel like I say this every time, but trust me - this one is special for all of us!
So when I heard about Coconut Lane web shop and ability as a blogger to become a Coconut Queen of the month I wanted to apply so I did. I love Coconut Lane web shop, it really has the cutest items ever and kind of matches my blog because they have like an pineapple on the first page of their web shop and lots of cute products with pineapple print, they even have pineapple necklaces! I mean how cute is that?! And oh, they also have cute stationery on their web shop so definitely check that out, their items are affordable and great for back to school season! So I wanted to collab with them and here I am!
Maybe, one day, I'll actually become Coconut Queen but never mind if I don't, I won't regret trying because guess what?! I got special discount for YOU guys!
You can use it at checkout while buying any product at Coconut Lane to get 20% off! Isn't that amazing?
THIS IS THE CODE : livinglikev20 and it'd really be my pleasure to have you to use it.If you use it, thank you and be sure to let me know down bellow what are you buying / going to buy from Coconut Lane or what is your favorite product from their web shop.

LUXE -->
SOCKS --> (they have HARRY STYLES' SOCKS!!)
(it took me really long to make these shorter links but I think they look way prettier than regular ones so why not? I'm stupid, I know...)

Wait! There's more news I wanna share with you!

Girls! I've teamed up with @Todieforswimwear and we're now offering 15% OFF on any of their bikinis from! Just use the code 'LIVINGLIKEV15' at checkout to get your discount. Enjoy! ♡

I really hope I helped you a little bit by sharing these coupon codes with you because I know you'd really help me using them. What is left to say? 
Happy shopping girls!
See you soon! Love you!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life Update : Things I've Been Obsessed With Lately

Hello my loves and oh.. That's a big title up there which would probably lead you to the conclusion that this post is probably going to be really long but I just wanted to sit down a little bit and talk about the things I love, things I'm obsessed with, my desires and wishes and just share that with you to hear what you think about all of that.

Let's start with my latest obsessions.
We'll you probably know I'm a huge TV shows lover so guess what?! I've found the show that's basically a life to me right now. I'm so overwatching (if that's even a word) and I simply don't care because guys It's so good!
It's called The Originals and most of you probably know about it but I just recently found about it and I didn't regret starting to watch it. Surprisingly I'm on season 1 still but I'll be done with the whole show in probably a week from now haha.
I don't want to discover you details about it because it'd totally ruin your experience so I'm highly suggesting you to start watching The Originals.
Also, I'm watching Scream now and I'm so excited about the new episode I'm about to watch.
This post would probably scare you because I'm too excited about fictional things but I just don't have life haha jk or not, I'm not sure anymore but I just love shows like these ones and I enjoy watching them sometimes more than living that 'real life'.

One interesting fact : I think I didn't posted on Instagram for a couple of days which is really weird for me and unusual but I'll probably post something when I finish writing this post so be sure to follow me on Instagram : @vildanasuta . I literally follow back everyone with cute and beautiful photos.

Let me tell you about my another obsession : listening to music of course but I don't want to talk much about my favorites right now because I already have post on my blog about that - check it out here if you want!
I feel music is truly a gift to humanity because when I either feel sad, depressed or just you know , low , I listen to music and it kind of brings me back , makes me feel better a lot.

While I was thinking about what to write today, before I came on this idea, I wanted to do some online shopping so I was searching for good website which provides deals, coupon codes and things like that. I found really interesting one and I got to the idea to write post about hacks or tips for online shopping which I think would be really helpful to you guys so if you want to know more about that be sure to let me know down bellow that you want me to publish a post about that.

Also, some youtubers inspired me to start planning my first back to school series of posts on my blog which I'm really excited about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excited about school , I mean who is ? But I get excited when I need to go school supplies or clothes shopping so I'll be sharing with you my journey to get ready for 2016-17 school year. If you want me to actually write those kind of posts be sure to include #BTSWithLivingLikeV in your comments down bellow and if you have any ideas for that posts also write me down bellow or on Twitter with that hashtag. My Twitter is @LivingLikeV.

So I think that was all I wanted to share with you today! Hope you've enjoyed in this post and yeah, don't forget to write me down bellow your suggestions, ideas, wishes etc. about the ideas I mentioned in this post.
Thank you so much for reading! I love you all!


*photo is not mine. it's from wehearit*

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

JJ'sHouse Prom Dresses

Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
This time, we're going to be talking about JJ'sHouse, an online fashion one stop shop which sells wedding dresses, special occasions dresses and prom dresses.
I love the appearance of their website, and its so easy to use!
Also, they provide custom size dresses, made exactly to fit you! They can make dresses according to their customer's measurements.
All of their dresses are made to order, you have 32 colors and 1000's of styles to choose from!
Today, we are going to talk about prom dresses from JJ'sHouse.l will show you just a couple of them and the rest you can check out on their website.

Sheath/Column Scoop Neck Floor-Length Jersey Prom Dress With Beading Appliques Lace Sequins #75903 is just really beautiful light pink dress with pretty details on the top. It shows off pretty women figure and I think it'd be a perfect prom dress.

Ball-Gown Sweetheart Floor-Length Tulle Lace Prom Dress With Beading Sequins #56781 is a dream prom dress! I absolutely love this one and I think it's my favorite. It's really princessish (if that's even a word) and I think it's the best style of dress to choose for prom.
A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading Flower(s) #56791 is very simple but yet so beautiful dress any girl would definitely wear. I love the color and the pretty details on the top of the dress.
A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Sweep Train Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading Appliques Lace Sequins #81668 is one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. I don't know about you but I love royal blue color and I personally think that this dress wouldn't look this beautiful if it wasn't in this color. It really gives her that ''something'', something special.
A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading Appliques Lace Sequins #70360 , really pretty simple dress with lovely golden details around neck and waist. You can wear it on your prom, but it's really any special occasion dress so you could use it multiple times.

Ball-Gown Scoop Neck Floor-Length Tulle Prom Dress With Beading Appliques Lace Sequins #59416 , another princessish dress because... Why not? I love this one! The lace is really popular right now and I love dresses with lace details like this one. Another thing I love about this dress is that top 'invisible' part which covers everything under your neck and it looks way prettier with it than just with V-neck, if you know what I mean.

So that was all for this post, hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to check out more dresses at JJ'sHouse and tell me down bellow which one is your favorite, I love to read your comments.
Btw. I wanted to thank you for 20k views but now we have 21k which is totally insane, thank you so much guys! 
I love you and see you next time!


Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hello guys! Today's post is going to be about WinnieDress (as you can probably tell by the title).
WinnieDress is a web shop which offers really wonderful dresses for any girl who wants to look stunning in a special way. They sell prom dresses, evening dresses, homecoming dresses, bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses but today, I will talk about two piece prom dresses which are so popular right now and I think any girl would like to wear dress like these ones to her prom.
I'm going to show you a couple of dresses from their web shop like an example of what you can find there. The best part is that they have special section for prom dresses under 200 where you can find really cute dresses for really affordable prices.
So let's see the dresses ...

You can also check their social medias :

And that was all for this post! Hope you enjoyed! 
I wanna know which dress is your favorite one? My personal favorite is the first one, it's really elegant and I'd totally wear it on my prom! 
Please tell me down bellow!
Thank you for reading and visiting and yeah, see you next time!
I love you guys!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Formal Dress

Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
Today's post is going to be about web shop which offers really beautiful Semi Dresses Online . I love their web shop, it's really wonderful, their dresses  are stunning!
I'm going to share with you my favorite dresses from their shop and let's get into this...

What do you say ? Aren't they stunning? Which one is your favorite one? 
I'd say it's the second dress! I love it but all the dresses are wonderful and it's really hard to say which one is the most beautiful.
I really hope you liked this post, if you did comment down bellow please!
Thank you for reading! I love you guys!


Banggood Wishlist

Hello my loves! For today's post, I just prepared a wishlist from Banggood which is really good web shop. I love the items they are offering and I'm definitely going to buy something from their shop soon, and of course, write a honest review for you after that. The best part about their web shop is the free shipping worldwide they are offering! 

Thank you for visiting and reading this post! I love you so much!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

La Vera Bags Review

ENG : Hello lovely people out there and welcome to a really special post!
This post is collaboration with La Vera Bags which creator is Dejana Nikolic, a talented girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina who makes really special unique women handbags.
She was really nice to me and she made the bag for me that I'm absolutely in love with!
Her products are unique, made by herself, very chic, stylish and really popular because of their awesome look and great quality.
Let's see the bag I got...

BA : Zdravo dragi ljudi i dobrodošli u jedan veoma poseban post!
Ovaj post je saradnja sa La Vera Bags čiji je osnivač Dejana Nikolić, veoma talentovana djevojka iz Bosne i Hercegovine koja izrađuje veoma posebne unikatne ženske torbice.
Ona je bila jako ljubazna prema meni i izradila mi je jednu torbicu u koju sam potpuno zaljubljena!
Njeni proizvodi su unikatni, ručno rađeni, veoma moderni i popularni zbog njihovog divnog izgleda i odlične kvalitete.
Pa pogledajmo torbicu koju sam ja dobila...

 ENG : The bag is really pretty and affordable, too. You can find it on La Vera Facebook page or on La Vera Instagram profile
I really hope you liked this post, if you did be sure to let me know down bellow if you are going to buy La Vera bag, maybe the same I have, so we can officially be #twinies!
Thank you very much for reading, I love you and see you next time!


BA : Torbica je jako lijepa i veoma povoljna, također. Možete je pronaći na La Vera Facebook stranici ili na La Vera Instagram profilu
Nadam se da vam se dopao ovaj post, ako jeste komentarišite ispod ili ako planirate kupiti neku od La Vera torbica, možda istu poput moje, pa možemo biti #twinies! 
Hvala vam puno na posjeti, volim vas i čujemo se sljedeći put!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fashion Kawaii

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post on my blog!
This time, we are going to talk about a really cute shop I recently found called Fashion Kawaii . I wanted to share this shop with you because, as I said, it offers really cute products you can find for really low prices, but also, to give you a chance to save while shopping there because I have a coupon code for you.

You can get 10% off while buying any item from their web shop using this coupon code : LivingLikeV .

I really hope I helped you at least a little bit because I know 10% off is not a lot but it's still something you could use to help you save some money. It would really help me if you'd use that codes.
I've chose some items to share with you I know you'd be interested to buy down bellow. 

Thank you very much for reading and stay tuned because I have a lovely post coming soon!
I love you all!

*just click on the photos and it will lead you to the products*

Monday, July 18, 2016

Balkan Bloggers SnapChat

Hello guys! Please add this SnapChat up there because I'll be SnapChatting all day tomorrow. I hope it'll be fun! 
Love ya!


Current Favorite Songs

Hello my loves! 
How are you? Hope you had a great time for the weekend and I wish you a lovely start of the new week! 
Today, I'm writing a post about the songs I've been obsessed lately to give you some suggestions for your summer playlists.
So I hope you'll like it and let's get into this...

I can't even explain you how much I love this new song by Shawn Mendes! It has a really deep and wonderful meaning and it's catchy song at the same time!

I've just recently started listening to Bastille but I really like them and this is probably my favorite song by them. 

An official video for this song has just been published couple days ago. I really love this song. I feel like Bring Me The Horizon has a lot of songs I love and I could proudly call myself a new fan of them.

I feel like this song is written for Directioners , to have like a reminder through these times (their hiatus) that we are going to find a way through the dark , that everything's gonna be just fine although it has been written a long time ago for 'Midnight Memories' album but still... I feel like it's about us, about Directioners. I can't describe you how much I love this song and it really helps me to feel like they are still with us and they will never ever breakup. 
And by the way , the song is not an official single so I hadn't a real suitable photo for it, so I made one. 

You know I love Sleeping With Sirens and this post wouldn't be complete without them so I wanted to share this beautiful song with you. I absolutely love it!

So that was it for today's post! Hope you've enjoyed it!
I love you guys and see you next time!

Bye, V

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Harry Styles Inspired Outfits ft. FARFETCH

Hello my dear readers and welcome to a super exciting post! I'll be showing you outfits I made from shop called FARFETCH which are inspired by Harry Styles, a.k.a my husband (Haha maybe if I say it it'll become reality? No? Noup? Oh okay...)
So, as you see, I get lost as soon as I start to talk about Harry so I'm just gonna tell you something about partnership between Farfetch and Apple Music...

The Farfetch Apple Music venture introduces two new playlists , titled Songs From The Shoot and Tune Tuesday. Songs From The Shoot has been created by the creative team behind Farfetch site, as well as its featured stars, including Maxwell , Chelsea Leyland and Florrie.
How cool is that?! I needed to share that playlist with you before we get into the main part of the post which are outfits so let's go now...

I'm going to show you 3 outfits inspired by Harry Styles. Every single one is inspired by the photo of him you see in the collage. Bellow the photos you'll find links leading to every piece of clothing from Farfetch I used to create these looks. 

BLAZER --> Here!
SHIRT --> Here! 
JEANS --> Here!
SHOES --> Here!
HAT --> Here! 

BLAZER --> Here!
SHIRT --> Here!
JEANS --> Here!
SHOES --> Here!

SCARF --> Here!
SHIRT --> Here!
RING --> Here!
JEANS --> Here!

Did you liked these outfits? 
Do they look similar to the original ones Harry is wearing?
Which one is your favorite? 

Please tell me down bellow! 

So that was all for today's post! Hope you enjoyed because I really did! Thank you for reading! 
I love you!