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Hello guys!
Today, I'm here with a movie review.
We are gonna talk about movie called 'Hello, My Name Is Doris'.

Well, let me tell you something : this movie is weird and I'm not sure if I'm sorry because I spent 90 minutes of my life watching it...
This movie is a story about a lady called Doris which spent her young days taking care of her mother who passed away at the beginning of this movie so she couldn't really do something about her own life. She was engaged when she was 20 y/o but when her fiancé got a job in another town and asked her to move with him she said no because she had to take care of her mother.
When her mother passed away, a young boy called John got a job at the same company where she works and she fell in love with him although the age difference between them. All that time, she had problems with collecting things with special meanings to her continuing her mother's 'hobby' so her house looked like a huge mess.
Her best friend lived with her 13-years-old daughter who gave Doris 'love advice' to make a fake Facebook profile to add John so she could learn something new about him and that'd make them have topics to talk about. She was getting close with John but then she found out he has a girlfriend. She was devastated so she wrote a comment on his Facebook profile from a fake account of some girl called Lilith like she was dating him which resulted the break up between John and his girlfriend. After that, he called Doris for Thanksgiving dinner where she, after a 'few' drinks, she admitted him how she was feeling about him which ruined their friendship. Doris, after that, cleaned her house of the old stuff she and her mom were collecting and quit a job. That day she quit the job, she met John in the office and apologized him for what she had done. She went to the elevator imagining that he was coming after her to say that he want them to try to be together but when the imagination ended she was alone at the elevator whose doors were closing and hiding a picture of John shouting her name and running to her. The end.

Story : 4/10
Movie quality : 6/10
All together : 5/10 

How do you like the story of this movie and, if you've seen it, what do you say about quality? 
All together, I'm really disappointed with the end of this movie. I feel like they should make the end where Doris is happy with another man because she really deserves that
and John reconciled with his girlfriend.

That was all for today!
I love you! 


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  2. Bas mi deluje kao simpatican film. Hvala na preporuci.

  3. Thanks for sharing this movie storie... It is a bit sad... I prefer happy endings...
    Have a lovely day dear

  4. Great post! xx


  5. I didn't hear about this movie so far ... and yes, it is really a bit sad, thanks a lot for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. I didnt see .. sound interesting

    xx LL


  7. It seems a good story!

  8. Hi! Beautiful post))
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  9. Deluje kao film "za bez mozga" kako ja to zovem kad hoću da se relaksiram i ne razmišljam niočemu. Hvala za iskrenu preporuku, možda ga i pogledam. :)
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

    1. U potpunosti se slažem s tim! :) Nema na čemu :*

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  11. great post honey!
    kisses from poland :*

  12. Interesting movie plot. I haven't hear about this movie until now!
    Happy weekend, beauty!


  13. I agree that's kinda weird movie although I like Sally Field. But it's something new and modern time because of the facebook concept. I would watch this movie if I have a free time and nothing else to watch :) Thanks for the review it makes me aware of the movie line up out there.


    1. Yes, I agree ! :)
      You are welcome dear. xoxo

  14. So sad. I do not like stories with sad ending.

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    1. Hello! Thank you! I'm following you now! :)X

  16. I have never seen this movie but from what you wrote sounds a little boring to me so true it should have ended that way instead of the way it ended
    have a lovely weekend

  17. Alright, I'm sure the ending is quite dissapointing, but if we saw from another frame, maybe we can take something from it, that we cannot make eveything right just as we wish, but we have to appreciate everything we have now. Hmm, maybe something like that, hahaha. Have a great weekend sweety! :)




    1. That's exactly what I was thinking! Thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend! :) xoxo

  18. I saw this at the theater and really liked Doris so much. It made me laugh and sometimes it made me uncomfortable but you could really see what she was feeling, a great job acting. I would have liked a more certain, more happy ending too, but at least she got herself free from her prison of a life. And the parts with her and that band were hilarious :) Great review! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  19. amazing !

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  20. Nisam imala priliku pogledati film ali možda se i to desi nekada.. Super post.
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  21. zvuči kao zanimljiv film, nimalo tipičan...opet bilo bi bolje da je kraj barem malo više pozitivan.

  22. Very intersting!

    Have a nice weekend!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  23. Seems interesting story till middle of the plot but I think it looses grip at the climax some how.
    Thanks for sharing :)



    1. I think so,too. You are welcome dear!x