Monday, May 30, 2016

Things Middle School Taught Me

Hello my loves!
I'm finally back on track with my blog posts! So I've finished the middle school on Thursday and we've had like a little trip to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is Sarajevo on Friday.
I must admit that I'll miss everything but especially my friends which I'm really, really afraid to lose since everyone is saying ''You'll find new friends in high school and you need to understand that, for a couple months, you won't even say hello to your middle school friends''. I can't accept that! Why should we end up like everyone before us and forget each other? NO. I understand that we are going to go to different high schools but that doesn't mean that I'll suddenly forget everything we've survived together or that I'll find new friends which I'm going to love more than my best ones from middle school. I believe we can make it through high school without moving away from each other.

I'm writing this post to share with you some things I learned through middle school so here they are :

  1. DO NOT FIGHT WITH THE PEOPLE YOU DON'T LIKE. Just don't. It's such a waste of time! When I was in 6th and 7th grade I've always been fighting with some girls from my school and evern from my class because I didn't like their behavior and now, I realized that not everyone agrees with me and with my opinion on how should someone behave. Not all people are good but that doesn't mean that you or me should get into quarrel because of that. Like I said, it's such a waste of time so make friends with the people you like and the other ones - just forget about them! This also includes teacher because I cannot even tell you how much I was fighting with my teachers. And trust me, no matter what they say, it DOES affect on your marks so please don't be me and just ignore your teachers if they are telling the things you do not agree with.
  2. LEAVE A GOOD IMPRESSION ON THE BEGINNING. Well, this is really important! In my school it was like this : we go to one school till the 6th grade, and then, from 6th to 9th grade we go to bigger school. Let me explain myself with this example : when I started 6th grade I didn't really study (I still don't haha) but I'd always listen to the teachers when they are telling the lessons. So I started being pretty active on class, I'd always lift my hand and tell the answers even on the questions nobody knew. So that made me straight A's student in teachers' eyes and till the 9th I had the privileges when I didn't study at all , I'd get very good grades because of my activity on class. So leave a good impressions on the beginning!
  3. HAVE FUN BEFORE IT ENDS. Okay, this is the most important thing ever! Don't worry about your grades to much (like I did till 8th grade) and enjoy the moments spent with your closest friends. Because, when it all ends, you'll just have memories. Are you going to remember middle school about good or bad things - it's your choice. 

That was all for today. I hope you like this post, I've never actually read something similar. I mean, I've seen these posts for high school but not actually for middle school.
To those who are still in middle school - enjoy it! 

Thanks for reading!
I love you!

Bye, V

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Prom 2016

Hello my dear readers!
How are you? I hope you are doing well!
It's been a while since I've published a post on this blog and I really apologize for that but I just hadn't time for blogging (although I wanted to do it).
As you know, I'm finishing middle school this year and obviously, I had so many stuff going in my life right now so I hope you don't mind a little bit break from blogging I recently made (ALMOST A WEEK, IT'S CRAZY JUST TO THINK ABOUT IT HAHA).
For today's post, I'm just going to share with you some of the photos from the best night ever so let's get into this...
Ohh and some photos are blurry but I hope you don't mind.

Big thanks to my dear friend who did my makeup and hair!

Some photos with my bff... 

With cousin who was my prom date ...

With my sisters...

With my friends...
And special greetings to my dear friend Amar (the second photo) who recently found out about my blog and wanted to be in this posts. IF YOU SEE THIS, PLEASE SAY HELLO TO AMAR DOWN BELLOW! Thank you! 

So that was all for today's post. Hope you like these photos and be sure to let me know down bellow which one is your favorite one! 
I love you guys!

Bye, V

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Photos & Special Gift From Spain

Hello my dear readers!
As I promised in previous posts I'm going to share with you a couple of photos that my sister took on her school trip to Spain. Their main destination was Spain but she visited France and Italy,too.
At the end of this post, I'm going to show you one of gifts that I got from her. Other gifts are clothes but I'll show you that in next posts.
So let's enjoy the photos...

*Giorgio Armani's shop and CÉLINE behind*
*love is in the air*

Some of the photos are a little bit blurry and I'm sorry for that. 
These are just a few ones I picked up to show you!
Hope you liked that. And this is the special gift...

A notebook/planner/journal! I wanted this thing for so long and I'm so thankful to my dear sister! 
'Nunca Dejes De Sonar' means 'Never stop dreaming' which is so cute!
I'll do a post all about this notebook and I will show you everything about it. I'm really not sure for what I'm going to use it yet, because my school is almost over now and it'd be stupid to make it a planner now. I'll wait till the next school year, maybe. 

Wanna hear your thoughts about these photos and I wonder if you had visited Spain, Italy or France and did you like it? 

I love you!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

COCOMELODY Wedding Dresses

Hello my loves!
How are you doing? Hope everything's fine with you!
Today, I'm here to talk with you about extremely important part of every girl's life - wedding!
Wedding day is very special for every girl and everything would be completely ruined if she wouldn't look the way she wants. That's where we start our conversation about wedding dresses! It's the main part of bride's outfit. I was always in love with Cocomelody web shop which currently offers us very beautiful designer wedding dresses and wonderful lace bridesmaid dresses.

Talking about the designer wedding dresses first, these are just few of my favorite ones that I want to share with you and, also, hear your opinions about them :

Top part of this Luxurious Illusion Train Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress is stunning! I love  little crystals on the top part and the bottom is so beautiful , too! Doesn't this remind you of Disney princesses? Absolutely stunning! 

Lace was always looking good on wedding dresses and this Glamorous A-Line Spaghetti Strap Chapel Train Tulle Wedding Dress surely proves that. 

When the bride is all dressed up, we need to talk about bridesmaids! 
Cocomelody has a wide range of beautiful bridesmaids dresses and I want to show you which ones are the most wonderful ones for me ! 

Green is the color of nature and it perfectly suits with white brides' dresses so this Fantastic Sheath-Column Sweetheart Natural Floor Length Lace Light Green Sleeveless Lace Up-Corset Bridesmaid Dress would be a perfect choice as well as this one...

Lovely A-Line Sweetheart Natural Knee Length Lace Pink Sleeveless Lace Up-Corset Bridesmaid Dress  is so cute, if you ask me. Just adding a little necklace and pinky high heels would be an amazing combination.

If you want to get some pretty good discounts you should hurry up because there are some sales on Cocomelody! 

So that was all for this post! Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to check out Cocomelody because they are really worth it! Thanks for reading! I love you guys!



Friday, May 13, 2016

The Miranda Sings Award

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post!

This time I'm doing The Mirada Sings Award. I was nominated by  great blogger Andrea Tiffany. I absolutely love her blog and all of her posts. There's something special in her way of writing and, if you read her blog, you understand what I'm talking about. She's amazing and I hope you'll check her blog out!
First of all, thank you Andrea! Every time someone says me I've been nominated for an award it immediately makes my day better because I feel like you are all my friends and when you nominate me for an award, it feels the same like your friends tell you you are great in what are you doing.
Knowing that I'm good in blogging is the best feeling ever! I've found something that makes me happy and I just can't thank you enough for reading, commenting and sharing my posts. Without you, I'd be nothing. Thank you!

The rules for this award is as follows:

  •  Announce your nomination with a post, including a link to the blogger who nominated you !
  • Include the featured image on your blog!
  •  Nominate 10 other blogs and link the nominees in your post
  •  List seven things you love about yourself (such as appearance, personality, skills, and so on and so forth), and no negative comparisons.
I've never done something like this so it's pretty challenging for me to talk about me just in a positive way but I'll try it.
Here are the 7 things I love about myself : 

  1. Knowledge I have. -I'm only 14 years old and I'm pretty proud to say that I know a lot about every topic in the life. My parents have raised me like a person who thinks that should know at least a little bit about everything. Not like if I love Math, I'll just be focused on improving my Math skills. I like to learn something new everyday and I feel proud when I have a chance to share my knowledge with people around me. No matter how old are you, you shouldn't be afraid to share your opinion about different topics. I don't want this to sound like I'm bragging but , in my school, this girl from my class and I are the best students. I'm working hard to make my parents and friends proud of me. Although I know a lot about the science , I love the fact that I know a lot about religions, not just Islam because I'm Muslim, but I know a lot about Christianity (Catholicity and Orthodoxy), I mean, I live in a country with 3 different religions so I need to know a lot about it. My knowledge allows me to participate in most of he conversations and that's one thing I like about myself. 
  2. Ability to tell if someone is lying to me. -I'm not saying I'm like Mentalist but I can pretty much say if someone is lying to me if he/her is looking into my eyes. I realize it by how they talk, move their hands etc. 
  3. Ability to make people smile.- I'm one of the main entertainers in my class. I don't care if I'm being stupid while making fun of myself while the reactions I get are laughs and smiles. I just love when people smile when I say something funny. It makes me so,so,so happy, too! 
  4. Good taste in music.- Okay, this is what most of the teenagers in my country don't have, at least, I think so. Haha I just don't get it how someone could enjoy while listening to songs which lyrics is totally meaningless and in their videos there are just a bunch of half-naked girls dancing and the cool cars around them. Or, ohh, how could I forget that, parties on yachts with, also, half-naked girls and indispensable part - alcohol. No offense, tho. 
  5. My sarcasm .-I once read that this characteristic is a way to insult idiots without making them realize it hahaha. I think I'm pretty good at it hahah.
  6. Uniqueness.- I love it that I'm not a copy but an unique person. Only bad thing about this characteristic is that it's almost impossible to find the people who understand you and love you the way you are but I've found a couple of friends that I'd give a life for and I'm pretty happy I did. The message I want to send to you is that you shouldn't be afraid to be different, you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself because copying another person will just help you in the process of becoming invisible in this world full of copies. Be unique people! #weareuniqueens 
  7. Ability to write. -I'm not saying that I'm able to write a book or something, I'm just too young for that but later in the life - why not? I love the fact that I'm able to transfer my feelings into words and share them with you. That's why I love blogging !

The 10 blogs I'm nominating : 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eurovision First Semi Finals

Hello guys!
I think somebody needs to write this kind of article / post. Have you seen the first semi finals of Eurovision Song Contest?
Well, I did and I'm disappointed.
Why? It has all lost its meaning. It's not about music anymore. Almost every country was presented with songs on English language. The exceptions are Austria which was presented with a French song and my fatherland - Bosnia and Herzegovina which was presented with a BOSNIAN song.
Guess what? They didn't make it to the finals. This is happening the first time in history.
I was reading through some comments on Eurovision Song Contest's official page on Facebook and I was surprised how many people actually think like I do!
The weird thing about this was that some countries were unable to vote. Could someone please explain this to me because I do not understand it?
On this contest, singers come to present their country and I wonder how could that be possible when you sing on different language or you are not from that country?
I'm so sad to say this but I think that everything is went to hell (sorry for my expression)!
I'm not just talking about Bosnia and Herzegovina, I think that there were a lot of great performances that should've been rewarded with the finals but who am I to even talk about this? I can change nothing and this hurts a little bit... I was always for justice. No matter what was it about.
If my country was bad, okay, it didn't deserved finals and I don't have a right to talk about it. But I felt proud when they were performing, I felt like this was our year to finally shine in the sea of great and not so great performances. Ana's passion, Deen & Dalal's talents and Jala's incredible rapping made me shudder from pride. No that they only did a great job with the singing part, but the choreography sent a great message not just to the Europe, but to the whole world.
The choreography was about the refugees (that is why the string was between Deen & Dalal).
I don't know... I liked my country's performance and I think we deserved the finals along with Montenegro, Iceland and some other countries.
By the way, congrats to the countries that made it to the finals, especially our neighboring country- Croatia!

What do you think?
Watch their performance and tell me down bellow! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Favorite Songs

Hello guys and welcome to my new post!
I'm sharing the songs I've been loving lately today and I hope you'll enjoy!
Before I start, I want to mention that I listen to pop, pop-rock and rock kind of music.

1. Bring Me The Horizon - FOLLOW YOU
This song is addicting, I'm warning you! I can't stop listening to it and I absolutely love it. The video is a little bit weird but the lyrics is so pretty! Bring Me The Horizon has amazing new songs, I just recently started listening to them. 

2. Bastille - Things We Lost In The Fire
Once you listen to this song, you can't stop singing it! I absolutely love it. And the Pompeii by Bastille is good,too!

3. Arctic Monkeys - DO I WANNA KNOW? 
All of these songs are pretty old but I listened to them lately and I loved them so I decided to write this post to share them with you. This song has a beautiful lyrics. I love most of their songs but this one would be my favorite. 

4. One Direction - END OF THE DAY
How could I write a post like this without mentioning One Direction? Not possible!
I love this song so much! If you didn't listen to it, you probably don't know what you are missing!

I literally can't remember one more song to make it 5 hahaha. Never mind, hope you enjoyed in this post! Please let me know down bellow what have you been listening to lately! 

I love you! xoxo


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Things I'm Never Buying Again

Hello my dear readers!
How are you today? Hope you are doing well.
For today's post I'm going to share with you my decisions about things I'm never going to buy again.
I think the topic is pretty original and I hope you'll like this post!

*but before we get into this... Can we just take a moment to appreciate this stunning closet? #goals*


I'm talking about my purple Adidas and pink Diadora shoes that I regret buying. Why? Because they are SO HARD to fit in my outfits. Just think about this : I want to wear red jeans and what I'm going to do now? Wear pink or purple shoes with them? Ohhh no!
Never again! From now, I'm only buying white or black shoes. 

CHEAP MASCARAS - Please don't buy cheap makeup especially the mascara. I bought Essence mascara for like a really low price because it was on sale but it just doesn't do the job. You can always notice the difference between two mascaras! Or maybe I'm the only one? Really hate mascaras that leave the lumps and when I try to wipe the mascara off it ruins my whole makeup.

BABY LIPS LIP BALM - Everybody is in love with this product and I'm the only one who feels like it's not good at all. First time you apply it it feels amazing on your lips, they are so shiny and soft but after some time, you see that something happened. I really don't know if I'm the only one but Baby Lips leaves me dry chapped lips and I absolutely hate it. They say : ''Never say never'' but I'm going to say for this one : never again!

So those were the 3 products I will never buy again.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you like it, be sure to let me know down bellow!

I love you! xoxo


Friday, May 6, 2016

Made Tumblr + New Blog Look!

Hello my loves!
So since it's Friday and I don't have to go to school tomorrow so I had a lot of free time today which I decided to do something I wanted to do a long time ago but I hadn't time.
I changed my blog look completely. You probably know I was never a big fan of pink color (which doesn't mean I hate it, I never wear clothes in that color etc.) so I decided to create a blog look which is elegant but still girly.
Did I success? I don't know, I'm asking you guys!
Do you like my new blog template and do you think the black is more elegant than pink?
Let me know down bellow.

And something else I was planning to do a long time ago - I MADE TUMBLR PROFILE!
I always loved Tumblr because I was always able to find amazing photos there so I decided to make my own profile so I can have like a little place where I can collect all the amazing photos which I like and which I want to save for my blogs.
I haven't even started with making my profile cute but I'm going to do it right now after I share with you the link where you can find it : so we can become the Tumblr friends, too! I'm always following back!
I hope this Tumblr profile will help me to improve my blog.

It's raining in my town and I just cannot describe how much I love rain (but only when I can stay home doing nothing but drinking tea). 
How's the weather in your country? 
And ohh, my sister went to 11 days trip to Spain with her class. She'll be back on May 14th so expect a lot of posts with photos from Italy, France and Spain! Yaay! 

That was all I wanted to share with you in today's post! I hope you are going to have awesome weekend! 
Love you all!



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Directioner Since 2012

Hello my loves!
So I don't even know how to start writing this post... Hmm... Well, the idea of this post came from the Sonia's post on Trench Collection blog where she wrote about Enrique Iglesias.
Since I read that post, I had a desire to open my heart to you and write something similar.

2012 - a year when everything changed. My cousin started to listen One Direction and I was like ''Why are you even listening to that?'' but when I heard the ''What makes you beautiful'' song I was literally in love with them. 5 boys from X-factor stole my heart with their wonderful songs with the most beautiful lyrics. I didn't even realized it when I became a Directioner, no, I don't have a special date when ''it'' happend. It was like a long period of time when, from a fan, I became something more, I became the part of one big family. Back then, I had a few friends in my school who loved One Direction but , from the beginning, I knew they were only a phase for my friends but for me... They were something more. One of my Directioner friends went to high school and changed her music taste for 360 degrees. One suddenly became a fan of Eminem and they were thinking that Directioners are just kids who will grow up and start to listen different music. All of them did but I didn't. My cousin asked me few days ago if I'm still listening to One Direction and he was literally very, very surprised to hear that I stayed loyal to our 1D family. I just want to say to you : don't you ever change to fit, to become one of many, be yourself because that's what is appreciated today in the world full of copies. If you love listening to that ''childish'' band - keep going girl, they can't make you to listen to another music! Their comments may seem unbearable but at the end of the day, you will realize that you don't even care. Start thinking about yourself, about your needs, desires and dreams and don't look around you to see if anyone is following you. One Direction is a band who changed my life completely. Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and THE OLD Zayn will always be the part of my little heart. Maybe I would never meet them, maybe they will never see me, know my name or remember my smile, maybe Zayn will never know how much he had hurted me when he left, maybe he will never know that I cried for days after that or that I cry right now writing this. Maybe I will never get a chance to listen to my favorite songs singed by them on their concert. Maybe I'll die tomorrow and no one would forward them my message that I love them and that I feel thankful because they were there for me when no one else was... You are not a Directioner if you went to all of their concerts, if you took a photo with them or if they followed you on your social medias. You are a Directioner when you don't even have a chance to do anything of that but you still believe that one day, your dreams will come true. Directioners are one huge family and the music is what keeps us together. I can say that, since the beginning, a lot has changed but through all the fights and rumors we were together and I don't really think that any fandom on this world went through all of this and still held together. We didn't let the media or the haters get what they want and we are here now - stronger than ever, maybe in a smaller number, but those who worth have stayed and I must say that I'm proud to be a part of this fandom! The best thing is that as I'm growing, I mean, becoming older, their songs are actually getting more mature. The 'Made in the A.M.' album is totally amazing and I listen to it all the time!

Thank you One Direction, thank you boys for chaning my life, for always being there for me when I needed you the most! World of, music on. I love you my wonderful boys who are men now and I wish you all the best in your future!

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you like that photo up there which I made ( #proud ) , also, I want to thank you for 12k views! I was so happy when I found we've reached 12k!! This is amazing! Thanks for your wonderful support! 


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Sunday, May 1, 2016

What's On My Phone?!

Hello my loves!
How are you doing? Hope you are okay! So for today's post I'm going to be showing you what's on my phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Core II and all the photos are screenshots.
So I hope you'll like this post and let's get into this!

This is my lock screen, this wallpaper actually moves but you can't see it (logically) haha...

And this is what happens when I unlock my screen. So these are the apps I use the most : Candy Camera, Photo Grid for editing my photos, this Shadow Galaxy app which I downloaded today and it's basically the app where you get this galaxy wallpaper behind but it moves which is pretty cool and I love it, definitely recommended, app called which is the app for reminding me of doing my daily Muslim prayers, then just Viber, Messenger, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook which are the must-have social medias these days haha. Uuups didn't realized I put my app two times on the first page, please don't mind that. 

Just something every mobile phone has...
And here are also some apps I didn't mentioned like Quran Reading and Battery Doctor. Both highly recommended. This app Quran Reading is the app where you can download mp3 Quran verses and the Battery Doctor app which is pretty awesome. 
I used to go to sleep with 100% battery and wake up with 5% and that was driving me nuts literally until I downloaded this app which was the life saver for me!

So that was all for this post! Hope you all like it and that I gave you some suggestions for the apps you should install if you haven't already. I love the fact that mobile phones these days can offer you a lot with mobile apps who cannot only breathe for you, everything else is available haha. 
Thanks for reading!
Love you all! 


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