Saturday, February 27, 2016

February Playlist

Hello my loves! Welcome to another post on my blog! So, since it's almost the end of the February, I decided to do a February Playlist post.
But I'll also be doing February Favorites post in the future!

*this is my photo*

1.STONE COLD - Demi Lovato
I love this song! It's the true evidence that a girl who has a beautiful voice doesn't have to dress inappropriate to get the attention from audience. The voice is enough but there's also something in herself. Demi is really pretty woman who is, besides that, very smart and intelligent. I'm just very happy that people listen to this type of songs and recognize the true talents.

2.FREAK - Lana Del Rey 
I love listening to her songs when I just don't want to sing along, but listen and relax. Enjoy her beautiful voice. 
She deserves more audience, more views and likes on this type of songs.

3.HELLO - Adele
I know that this song is not published in February but I listen to it a lot so I decided to put it on my playlist.
Adele is such a beautiful lady and I'm so happy that she is back now into music world.

4.TEENAGE DIRTBAG - Cover by One Direction
I know, I know... This cover is from a long time ago but I love to listen to old concerts of One Direction and couple of days ago I heard this song and I'm addicted to it.

5.A LITTLE TO MUCH - Shawn Mendes
If you ever just want to cry, to throw it all out of you... This is the great song for that!

That was all for today guys!
Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 
Thank you! 
I love you guys!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
So, a beautiful girl here on Blogger has nominated me to do a TMI Tag and I'm doing it! Her name is Tijana. Thank you Tijana! I hope you don't mind because I've done it as my first post but this tag is a little bit different so I decided to do it because it seems interesting.

Let's get into this...

*photo is mine*

1: What are you wearing? I'm wearing black sweatshirt with golden skull heads  and maroon sweatpants.
2: Ever had a terrible breakup? Noup, too young for that.
3: How tall are you? Do I really have to answer on this? I'm really short and just... Okay, 163-4 cm.
4: Any tattoos? No. It's forbidden in my religion.
5: Any piercings? No. Also forbidden.
6: OTP? Stalia! I even have a blog about them haha.
7: Favorite Show? Teen Wolf.
8: Favorite bands? One Direction is life! I love them and I also love to listen songs by The Script, Little Mix and Imagine Dragons.
9: Favorite song? Can't decide so I'd say the whole Made in A.M. album. 
10: Zodiac sign? Virgin but I don't believe in that.
11: Quality you look for in a partner? I don't even look for a partner!
12: Favorite Quote? ''No body asks what you had on your mind, but what you did. Thought is yours, deed is everyone's.'' ''Everything will pass... But, is that solace? The happiness will also pass. The love will also pass, the life will pass. Is the hope really in the fact that everything  will pass?''
I've translated those quotes by Mesa Selimovic and I hope I didn't make mistakes. 
13: Favorite actor? Dylan O'brien.
14: Favorite color? Red.
15: Loud music or soft? It really depends on my mood but I'd say soft.
16: Where do you go when you’re sad? In my bedroom.
17: How long does it take you to shower?  30-45 minutes, I think.
18: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? An hour.
19: Ever been in a physical fight? Not really...
20: What's attractive to you on another person? Humor, sincerity and cleverness. 
21: What's unattractive to you on another person? Too much confidence and lie. 
22: The reason I joined Blogger? I enjoy writing and I had to share it with you guys.
23: Fears? I'm God-fearing and I think that's good. But what's really bad... I'm afraid of oblivion. I'm afraid that, one day, when I die, everybody will forget me and I'm trying so hard to make them remember me by the good things I've done for them.
24: Last thing that made you cry? The death of my mother's aunt.
25: Last time you said you loved someone? I don't really say it. I show it to the people I love.
26:Meaning behind your Blogger name? Living Like V ---> Living Like Vildana ---> My life. 
27:Last book you read? I can't remember if it was ''You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World'' - Dr.Aid El-Karni or Fortress - Mesa Selimovic...
28:The book you’re currently reading? /
29:Last show you watched? I've just start up the 18th episode of Teen Wolf, season 5.
30:Last person you talked to? My sister.
31: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Really good friends.
32: Favorite food? I've recently became ADDICTED to oatmeal and I don't know why I hated it earlier.
33: Place you want to visit? Mekkah.
34: Last place you were? School lol.
35: Do you have a crush? If you don't mean celebrity by the crush, no, I don't.
36:Last time you kissed someone?  Yesterday? I don't know.
37:Last time you were accused for something? I was accused for helping my friend on the test yesterday...
38:Who should answer these questions next? Anyone who came this far reading it! 

Thank you guys for reading this post! That was all for today guys!
 Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 
Thank you!
 I love you guys!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Best Friends Forever

Hello my darlings!
I was so inspired to do some outfits on Polyvore (btw. if you want check out my Polyvore profile and follow me, I'm just sayin' if you want to... The link will be at the end of this post) and you know I don't like to copy anyone because I think I'm capable of figuring out my own outfit and the other kind of posts.

So, what have I prepared for you today?


Aww I really hope you like this outfit, I mean OUTFITS! 
I love those Best Friends shirts, they are so cute! And I think the rest of the combinations are as cute as the shirts because they really complete them! :)

That was all for today guys! 
Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK).
 Thank you!
 I love you guys!


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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tomorrow Is Monday

Hello my loves and welcome to another post on my blog!
As you probably know, tomorrow is Monday and we often describe Monday as the beginning of everything. When we want to make a good habit , we say that we'll start on Monday. When we want to lose weight after the weekend of the unhealthy eating, we say that we'll start on Monday. But why to wait for Monday? 
What that day means to all of us?
Why we NEED Monday to CHANGE?
Start now!
Start making good decisions right now, make your next meal the first step of your losing weight journey, make your next afternoon sweaty of working out etc.! 
I have had some private issues this Saturday and I ate unhealthy all day and I didn't work out for two days and I blame myself so much... I know, the blame is on me and I'm the guilty one and I need to get back on track so  I wanted to write this post to inspire you to make your new beginning RIGHT NOW! Yes, when you are reading this promise yourself to make whatever change you want! 
And what this post would be without the inspirational photos which are going to convince you that you don't want to waste this day, next week, month or year on doing the things that are just going to get away from your goal!

I know I'm not even close to perfect, and nobody is and I want to be honest with you so I said you all these things. I want you to know that I didn't learn to love my own body yet and I'm working hard on it so I'll be also doing a post about it.

So let's see all the inspirational photos I found!

YEAH! That's what I meant!

Remember that you are the creator of your future!

Hope I inspired you a little bit and let's go now! Make some changes that will make your life worth living girls! Or boys... No, I don't think boys read those posts... Or they do? Nahh, I don't know haha.

That was all for today guys!
 Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 
Thank you! 
I love you guys!


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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Accessories, Shoes & MakeUp // Collab with Maggie's Blog

Hello my dear readers!
Welcome to another post! This one is all about spring and happy colors because spring's coming and the girl from the Maggie's Blog and me are going to help you a little bit! You are wondering how?
Well, I'm going to present you 5 combinations of accessories, shoes and makeup to go with the outfit Megi has prepared for you!
 The link of her blog will be at the end of this post so you can check her outfits when you see the combinations I have prepared for you!Hope you like them and that they'll be an inspiration for you!

1. Here comes the first outfit which I like to call ORANGE RHAPSODY.

2. Spring is actually the first half of the summer because it's really warm and those Vixen Platform Heels would be the perfect choice for spring time!
I like to call this one NATURAL SOUL.

3. Flowers, flowers, flowers! Because, why not? Those J.Crew earrings and necklace are wonderful to go with skin color heels and the beautiful Ostrich Horiz Ldn Tote Kurt Geiger London Multi-Coloured. 


4. I'm presenting you the YELLOW IS BAE combination which is really wonderful, if you ask me, and I'd totally wear all these accessories and the shoes!!! They are so beautiful! 
4. If I really need to decide which one is my favorite... I'd say this one! Why? Because it's really pretty! Look at those pretty colors matching to each other although they are not in the same shade.
I love it!


So that was all for my post! Be sure to check out Megi's blog because she's really great blogger and I was enjoying collabing with her! Unfortunately, she's writing just on CROATIAN LANGUAGE so... I'm sorry about you who don't understand it... 

You can check her blog here ---> CLICK !

That was all for today guys!
 Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK).
 Thank you! 
I love you guys!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

My New Workout Plan + Motivation Tips!

Hello my dear readers and welcome to my new post!
Today's theme is a little bit different that before because I'm writing about my workout plan and I'm giving you some tips for motivating yourself to start living a healthy life, lose/gain weight and work out!
New Year seems like it's been yesterday but we hello, it's a half of the February and we really need to start with performing our New Year's goals.
Since I have finished the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels  couple of days ago which really helped me the last 15 days when I was eating healthy because the first half of this workout plan I didn't watch out for my diet so I didn't  get any results, I needed to create a new workout plan and I did it! I found the best way for me to work out and here it is...

is the first workout I do. This workout is AMAZING! It's not boring at all although it has only 2 main moves besides the warm up and the cooldown time. 
After I was working out with Jillian and the other 2 amazing ladies, I though it'd be harder to work out with a man, in this case with Daniel, but I was totally wrong! I really love it because I sweat a lot while I'm doing it and that should be the sign it's working, right?

is the second workout I do, right after the first one! I forgot to mention that I do them around 5-6 PM and I also drink a cup of a green tea before my workout because I have read somewhere that it can increase the effectiveness of your workout by 10-20% (I THINK) so why not?
Well, about this workout... It's really interesting and , believe it or not, I ENJOY doing it because it's a dance workout, people! Right after I have finished Shred, I was thinking to start with some dancing workouts and I finally did it and I'm happy I did. 
Could you even imagine how sweaty I am after doing these 2 workouts one right after another haha?
But the feeling... It's great! 

I'm also doing some squats. I've started from 50 doing it one morning and one night and then I add +20 so every morning and every night before I go to bed I do some squats! 


1. PHOTOS - WeHeartIt, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social medias where you can find motivational photos will really help you! When I don't feel like doing my workout I just search the Internet a little bit and I get extremely motivated to do it so I just picked up some of my favorite photos to show you... 

*WeHeartIt photos*

2.WRITE IT DOWN-Just write down when you have started your plan, how much weigh do you have now, what is your goal, your workout plan etc. It'll help to get you motivated because when you write something down, you don't want to break the rules you wrote!

3.REWARD YOURSELF-How I reward myself? I'm trying to eat healthy all the week, work out every day and I'm feeling free to eat a bar of the chocolate every Sunday. 
It helps to keep me motivated during the week of the healthy eating because I'm like : ' Wow, it's almost Sunday, you can do it!' 

That was all for today guys! 
Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 

Thank you!
 I love you guys!


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Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter School Outfits

1. Pinky mood. 

 2. Coloring the skies in pink.

3. Black is the color! 

Hope you like those outfits!

I have recently made a Polyvore outfit, so please follow me there because I follow back : 


Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 

Thank you! 

I love you guys! 


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Farmasi Garlic Shampoo Review

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post! Hope you are doing well through this week because it's been a hell for me but you know, sometimes it all gets a little too much but we have to realize that the things will get better and we should try our best to be positive!

In this post I'm doing a review of the shampoo I run out of 7-10 days ago but I forgot to write the review then so here I am now! 

First of all... No, this doesn't smell disgusting because it's with the garlic extract but I recommend to use your usual shampoo before the first wash out and then to apply this one to wet hair, gently massage and rinse off. The gentle cleaning system allows daily use.
Enjoy our Vitalizing Shampoo enriched with Garlic Extract for restoration and aid hair growth. Garlic stimulates blood flow in the scalp and can promote hair growth and help repair damaged cells. Garlic's anti-bacterial properties helps clean the scalp and shafts and revitalize dull looking hair. Leaves hair moisturized and shiny. Provides effective shampooing for all hair types.
My sister bought this one and the both of us used it and we are really happy about the results.
It helps to grow your hair and to repair damaged cells at the same time which is awesome!
It's pretty affordable, I don't know the real price because she bought it but I think this is awesome product if you want to grow your hair and repair it.

Well, here comes the bad part!
About 4-5 first uses of this product will leave you a super annoying hair itching. I used it a couple of times and I really got sick of it until my sister told me to keep using it because the itch will disappear and it will be worth it. 
So I listened to her and I kept using it and I ,personally, didn't see the changes until a few of my closest people told me that my hair has grown a lot and it's super healthy. 
I was like : 'What are you talking about?!' but then I realized it myself and I was very happy about it.

Conclusion : This product is really good and it helps to grow your hair and repair the damaged cells so I highly recommend it to anyone who has the same problems!

*This is not sponsored. I bought this by myself.*

Thank you for reading! Hope I helped you and that you enjoyed! 
If you want to know my hair routine and the tips I have for you if you want to grow your hair, please let me know in the comments down below and I'll do a post about it! 

Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 

Thank you! 

I love you guys! 


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Monday, February 8, 2016

This or That TAG!

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post!

So, in this post I decided to do one tag which I found interesting and I think we should get into this! Please read to the end because I'm going to nominate some of you guys to do this tag, but of course, if you want to.

  1. Blush or bronzer - Bronzer.
  2. Lip gloss or lipstick - Lipstick.
  3. Eye liner or mascara - Mascara.
  4. Foundation or concealer - Foundation.
  5. Neutral or color eye shadow - Neutral.
  6. Pressed or loose eye shadows - I don't really know. Pressed? 
  7. Brushes or sponges - Brushes. 

  1. OPI or china glaze - I don't use those nail polishes but as I have seen some photos, I'd choose OPI.
  2. Long or short - Medium? I don't like them too long or too short.
  3. Acrylic or natural - Definitely natural.
  4. Brights or darks - Darks!
  5. Flower or no flower - No flower.

  1. Perfume or body splash - I don't know why but I like body splashes only in summer so I'd choose perfume.
  2. Lotion or body butter - Lotion.
  3. Body wash or soap - Body wash.
  4. Lush or other bath company - Nivea definitely!

  1. Jeans or sweat pants - Jeans.
  2. Long sleeve of short - Long.
  3. Dresses or skirts - Skirts.
  4. Stripes or plaid - Plaid. 
  5. Flip flops or sandals - Sandals.
  6. Scarves or hats - Scarves.
  7. Studs or dangly earrings - Definitely studs!
  8. Necklaces or bracelets - Bracelets but I love necklaces too.
  9. Heels or flats - Flats for now because I'm too young for heels.
  10. Cowboy boots or riding boots - Neither of them. 
  11. Jacket or hoodie - Can I say both? 
  12. Forever21 or Charlotte Russe - I don't know because I don't have those shops in my country but I've seen a lot of clothes from Forever21 online and I'm in love with them so, yeah, Forever21.
  1. Curly or straight - Curly because all the girls want what they don't have...
  2. Bun or ponytail - I love buns but I do ponytails more frequently but I'd say bun.
  3. Bobby pins or butterfly clips - Booby pins. 
  4. Hair spray or gel - Hair spray. I don't use gel anymore.
  5. Long or short - Long. 
  6. Light or dark - Mine is medium dark brown so I'd say dark.
  7. Side sweep bangs or full bangs - NO BANGS!
  8. Up or down - It depends. But when my hair is up, I feel more comfortable and I don't know why is that...

  1. Rain or shine - I like rain but when I don't have to go somewhere.
  2. Summer or winter - I love summer because of the summer vacation so...
  3. Fall or spring - Fall! It's the season I'm born in. 
  4. Chocolate or vanilla - Definitely chocolate.
*All the photos except the first one which I created are downloaded from WeHeartIt*

That was all for today guys! Oh, hey, I need to nominate some of you to do this tag if you want to! I'm nominating :

Hope you'll do this tag! 
And ,one more thing! What do you think about the new blog's template? 
I've made it by myself and I think it's really cute so I want to hear your opinions because they mean a lot to me! 

Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 

Thank you! 

I love you guys! 


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Friday, February 5, 2016

How To Be A Morning Person // Collab with Aleksandra Ristic (Perfection is just a word)

Wow, that was such a long title haha!
Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post!
I'm very excited to announce my first collab post and what makes it more exciting is the fact that I'm doing a collab with a great and beautiful blogger - Aleksandra Ristic from Perfection is just a word . Be sure to check her blog out because she is absolutely amazing and she writes really interesting posts.
We decided to write a post about being the morning person giving you advice so you can easily become one of us!
We know it's has always been hard to wake up early in the morning and go to school or job so we decided to make it easier for you and show you how you can become happier in the morning.
Let's get into this!

  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP. - This is really important! Human body needs about 7-8 hours of sleep to rest and become ready for the next day. Leave your computer, mobile phone or TV and go to sleep earlier. Trust me, you'll thank yourself in the morning!

  • GET UP 1 HOUR BEFORE YOU NEED TO GO. - This is my personal advice. I need to go to the school every morning at 7 AM and I wake up at 6 AM to have enough time to do everything I need to to wake myself up a little bit because I don't want to sleep in the school.
    I've done my Morning Routine a post before this and you can check it out if you want to know how I get ready in the morning.
  • PREPARE YOUR STUFF THE NIGHT BEFORE.- I do this, too. I prepare my books for the school, my clothes and my snack money. And also, charge your mobile phone the night before if you bring it with you on your job/school. 

  • HAVE BREAKFAST. -I know the most people today are living the fast way of life and they can't afford to sit down to eat which is totally bad for their body and mind. That's why I said you should wake up earlier. Wake up and make yourself a breakfast because it'll speed up your metabolism and wake you complety up. But here comes the most important part : have HEALTHY breakfast. Some examples are : corn flakes, healthy pancakes, healthy sandwiches with the whole wheat bread etc. You can also have a coffee but unsweetened one or you can simply have a tea like me.

  • TRY SOME APPS. - I personaly don't use these apps but they seem interesting to me and I might start using them, too. The first app I picked up for you is called 'Wake n Shake'. This app makes you shake your phone to turn of the app in the morning when the alarm goes on. This is so cool! The another app called 'Better Me' shares your failure (when you hit that snooze button) on your Facebook profile so I think you'd rather get up than get your friends to see your failure. And the last but definitely not least is the app called 'Sleep Cycle' which follows your movements and kind of figures out what is the best time for you to wake up.

That was all for today guys! Hope I helped you at least a little bit and you'll feel better in the next mornings. Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+,please . 
Be sure to check out Aleksandra's blog and follow her,too because she's an amazing blogger and I want to thank her for contacting me for this collab. I'm really happy we did this and I hope we'll do it more in the future. 

 Thank you!
 I love you guys!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Morning Routine

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another post !
I'm bringing you something special today! It's My Morning Routine post !
I've been taking photos for a couple of days especially for this post because I was dying to do it and here I am now!

But before we get into this I want you to know that I'm not braging in any way! I'm so grateful for everything I have and for every change I've recently made in my life to make myself productive and make my day worth. And I'm not trying to offend anyone who doesn't do what I do in the morning. I don't want you to feel like I'm telling you that if I'm doing this, you have to do it. No! You create your own life starting with praying,eating etc. You decide what's good and what's bad for you. Hope I did made myself clearn and yeah...
Let's get into this...

I get up at about 6.00 AM.First thing when I do, which recently become a habit is to drink a glass of hot lemon water after waking up and then I go to brush my teeth.

After I've done that, I do the ablution before praying and I, of course, didn't take photos of me doing that but I took some photo of the next step and that's praying.

And after the prayer, I make myself a breakfast.
For that day's breakfast I had : Fitness cereals and Nikitea Royal Breakfast Tea in which I add some milk.

It's time for dressing up!
That day's outfit :


And I just grab my Reebok purple backpack and matching Adidas shoes.  

And that's basically it. 

And at the end... I just want to say : 
Enjoy the little things, get up earlier and look at the clouds. Enjoy the beautiful nature that's our God's gift to us which we don't really appreciate. 
But why is that?
Why don't you say ''Thanks to God'' when you wake up?! 
He is keeping us alive but we don't even say thanks to him.
When have you stopped doing what you were doing and looked at the clouds and smile? When was the last time you did it? 
Can't you realize that there's nothing more beautiful than the free things which are surrounding us? 
Clouds, sky, stars,the moon and the Sun... 
Thank you God for everything! 

That was all for today guys!

Hope you enjoyed, and if you did be sure to let me know in the comments down below and follow me on GFC and G+ (I FOLLOW BACK). 

Thank you! 

I love you guys! 


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