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Hello my dear readers and I wish you welcome to another post on my blog!
In this one I'm just showing you my favorite 5 nail polishes. I didn't have any idea for this post because I need to hurry up with writing, I have some things more to do but I wanted to write something special because it's 1 month since I made this blog and I wanted to thank you guys, for reading my posts and for helping me get this many views. Maybe other bloggers would say it's too little but I appreciate every single view I get so it's crazy knowing that in 12-13 posts I got almost 2500 views! Thank you again and I hope you'll continue reading and following my blog!

So let's get into this...

First one is this Farmasi Shimmer Nail Polish from like New Year collection where you get 5 nail polishes together which my sister ordered and I fell in love with this nail polish!
It's so pretty! You can use it on every nail not applying any other nail polish but I've used it with another nail polish which is in this like pinky-redish color on 2 nails on the each of my hands and it matched beautiful!

I love shimmery nail polishes but the ones that you can use like alone, not applying other nail polish under it... I don't know how to explain it but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Farmasi is really great nail polish brand!
...Which is the reason I picked up another Farmasi nail polish for my 5 favorite ones!

This one is in light brown color and I like it because I already had one in dark brown color and I didn't even like it, I only bought it because I had shorts in that color so I needed something to match with it (haha stupid reason to buy nail polish because I used it that time and never again but well,oh...) .

What I like about this nail polish is that it can match any bright color of the clothes you are wearing!

Any girl should have 3 nail polishes : white, black and red.
I've run out of the black nail polish and I'm really sad about it but I always forget to buy new one!

Whatever, this white nail polish is the Gabrini one.
I don't know if you know about (WHAT?) this brand but I have tons of these nail polishes and I can really say that they are doing their job. I mean, they aren't that perfect or something, but just regular nail polishes.

When I apply this white one it gets shinny and I like it somehow because it looks elegant.

Like I said, red is the must have (at least for me...).
This one I got for my 13th birthday.
It's Maybelline Colo Rama nail polish in 75 shade.
Maybelline nail polishes are really, really, really good ones and I can recommend them to anyone!

I've almost run out of it so I'll have to buy it soon.

Last but not least...
Another Colo Rama nail polish but this one is limited edition, Bleached Neons.
It's in green neon color which reminds me of yellow but never mind haha.
This one is in the 244 shade.

What should I say more than I can't wait for summer to wear it haha...

So, that was it for today!
One more time, happy one month to my blog and thank you guys for your support!
I'm going to put much more effort in this blog and I hope it'll success. 

I love you guys!

Bye, V

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  1. Preslatko! Bas mi se svidja! Novi post je na mom blogu, pa pogledaj kad stignes!

  2. Love your blog!♥

  3. My best wishes from you <3
    The nail polishes colors are amazing!
    keep in touch

  4. Sjajn post♥

  5. Odlicni lakovi :) Colorama lakove sam i sama uspjela nabaviti veoma povoljno i zadovoljna sam s njima,a sto se tice Gabrini lakova nisu losi :)


  6. Lakovi su savrseni, a posebno mi se dopada onaj braon :) Mnogo mi je drago sto si za ovo kratko vreme postigla jako veliki uspeh i zaista ti cestitam na tome. Samo tako nastavi, sjajna si blogerka <3 <3 <3


    1. Hvala ti mnogo draga! Previše mi znače ovakve pohvale od predivnih i uspješnih blogera. ❤

  7. Nisam jos nista probala iz farmasi ali sam cula da su im jake dobre stvari :) moram bas pogledati http://mylittleparadiseinthiscrazyworld.blogspot.ba/

  8. I love the first red glittery nail polish! Anything glittery gets me right away. lol


  9. Stunning, so amazing !!! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog ... so I follow back ok?
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    I'm waiting for you ... :-)


  10. These nailpolishes look amazing ! :)
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  11. svi lakovi su lepi ja trenutno oporavljam nokte od previse akiranja su popucali :/
    pogledaj moj post u toku je GLAMULET+charm giveaway contest <3