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Hello guys!
It's almost the end of December and I decided to do December Favorites post. 
In this post I'm gonna be showing you my beauty favorites, movies favorites and also, I'm gonna make a little playlist of the songs I listened in this month and found them amazing!
So let's get into this...


1. Our Moment perfume
So this is not actually December favorite because I'm using it for a long time but I wanted to recommend you this amazing perfume. 
It's made by One Direction (my favorite band) and I got it from my bff for my birthday year and half ago but I didn't use it too much when I just got it because I though I would use it up for like five days but now I use it more often and I really love it because it smells amazing! 

2. Balea Hand & Nagel Balsam 
Through this month my hands were so dry and I hated it! So I started using this Balea Hand & Nagel Balsam which smells amazing by the way, and it helped me a lot. Now , my hands aren't that dry and they smell like chamomile!
I highly recommend it to you and you can find it in any dm shop, because Balea is their brand.

3. New Yorker Perfume
Okay, this perfume is amazing! I ran out of it for like a half of month because my sister also loved it and we used it together and I want to buy another one because I ran out of this one a long time ago but I also wanted to recommend it to you. 
If you buy it, you won't repent it, I promise!

4.Solea Baby Cream 
I love baby creams, no matter what brand they are because I use them to keep my face shiny and smooth and they also, believe it or not, help me to fight the acnes and other pimples. 
This one is Solea Baby Cream and I don't know if you can find it in your country but you can buy any baby cream because they are awesome, especially through this cold days!

5. 'Prinzessin Sternenzauber' Lipbalm 
Must-have thing for me is definitely a lipbalm! 
This one is from dm and it was really cheap but it smells amazing and I love it. 
Through this cold days you need to protect your lips from the wind.

6.Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant
And last but not least, this Nivea deodorant!
This is plain Nivea deodorant but it smells so freshly. I only use Nivea deodorants because they are my all-time favorite deodorants. They give me that fresh feeling and I love them! 


  • The Hunger Games : Mockinjay. I watched the both parts this month and I can just say that I'm sorry that there are no more parts...
  • Supernatural. I started watching this TV show on the end of the September (i think?) and I really fell in love with it! Highly recommended!
  • The Mentalist. I was watching this TV show off and on for a long time because I'm watching it on my TV, not on the Internet and I'm so, so sad because I watched it till the very end and I think I could watch it thousand times again and I wouldn't get bored of it.

So that's it for the movies and TV shows I watched while I was waiting for January 5th (Teen Wolf season 5B). 
If you like Teen Wolf you should definitely check out my BLOG ABOUT IT !

  1. Wolves by One Direction
  2. Is This What Love Looks Like by Mirel Wagner
  3. Lean On by Major Lazer
  4. Addicted To You by Avicii
  5. History by One Direction
  6. End of The Day by One Direction
  7. Black Magic by Little Mix
  8. Same Old Love by Selena Gomez
  9. Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra
  10. Perfect by One Direction
I drank a lot of teas recently so I guess any tea flavor is my December favorite because I don't care about it's flavor, if it's tea- I love it! 

I guess, that's it! I hope you enjoyed! Please follow me if you did and stay tuned for next posts! 
I hope you are supporting me through this and we'll have amazing time on this blog!

I love you guys!

Bye, V 

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  1. Great post <3

  2. super favoriti...i ja volim balea kreme za ruke.

  3. I like ur blog and i follow u. Can u follow me :) http://betulunsirlari.blogspot.com.tr

  4. Great post, I followed your blog :) Could check mine out!


  5. You have a nice blog and the i agree with your favorites.



  6. Using baby cream is a new thing I haven't heard before! I will have to try that out. Sounds intriguing!
    I'm bout to watch the last Hunger Games, I'm so excited! I haven't watched Supernatural yet because it seems kinda creepy, though I really want to watch it. I'm trying to build myself up to it! I'm such a wimp when it comes to shows like that haha
    OMG you listen to Alex and Sierra too?! They are amazing. I followed them since X Factor.
    Great post! By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I followed you!!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. I LOVE people who write me long comments! Thank you so much for reading, following me and writing me such a lovely comment!
      Your blog is GOALS! :) x

  7. Mogu li ti udijeliti jedan savjet ?
    Slika slike na danjem svijetlu i na recimo bijeloj podlozi.Slike su ti onda puno čišće i ne trebaš koristiti blic koji ne surađje kad slikaš nešto stakleno ili plastično :)

    I'm following you :)