Thursday, February 15, 2018

Haul | Home & Fashion

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
In this post, I will be doing a review of items I recently got from Rosegal web shop. This haul will contain some decorative products for your home and some clothing pieces. 
I hope you will enjoy it!

The first thing I got from Rosegal were these four canvas prints with moon photos. I have always been in love with moon, I have some kind of weird obsession with it. Moon always looks so perfect despite all of the 'imperfections' it has. 
So these prints were perfect for me to decorate my room a little bit, but I didn't read carefully so I was expecting to get real canvases with prints on them and I was so disappointed when only rolls with these prints came on my doors. 
I didn't know what to do with them but my Dad offered me some help with it so he used Styrofoam panels and glued the prints on the panels. 
It looks wonderful now, doesn't it?
I think the prints were so quality and I would highly recommend you these as one of the cheapest ways to decor your wall the way you want. You have wide range of canvas prints on Rosegal so be sure to check it out . 

You can get these --> HERE <-- 

The next product I got can be seen on the first photo, too and it is out of the focus on this photo which I am so sorry about, I just noticed it. 
So, I am talking about these little LED lights which are the cutest! I love them so much because they look wonderful as room decor. The strings and little lamps are so quality, they work perfectly and since I haven't had these kind of decoration before, I wasn't aware of the way you manage these lights so when I got these I was surprised with the fact that it is so simple to adjust the lighting the way you want it with just one button. 
The quality is, as I said amazing and the lighting is so strong I can even just turn on these without any other light in my room and it will still be enough illuminated for me to even do some reading.
I highly recommend you these and I am pretty satisfied with my order. 

You can get them --> HERE <--

The third item I got was for my Mom and it is this lovely black knit shirt with gray and lace details.
I am so pleasantly surprised with the quality, lightness and airiness of this material. 
The shirt looks so pretty when she wears it and these little bows on the back make it looks really cute. 
It is also available in white colour but I prefered this one. 
It looks even prettier than on the web shop. 
You can wear it in Spring and Autumn and it is going to make perfect everyday top.

You can get it --> HERE <--

There is one product I am not unfortunately satisfied with in this order and unlike everybody else, I saved the worst for the end.
So I am talking about these black jeans. I got them in size XL(which fits US size 6) although I wear everything M and guess what ? They are still too small because of the material. When it comes to the measurements of these jeans they should fit me perfectly but it feels like the people who made these jeans didn't think about women's body at all while making them because they have no elasticity. 
I hate it when jeans cannot stretch at all. I think it's not possible to feel comfortable in a clothing item which has no ability to stretch. They are just plain black jeans with two pockets in the front and two in the back. The stitches aren't bad, but the material is a big problem for me.
What do you think?

You can get them --> HERE <-- 

That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading , I hope you have enjoyed it! 
I love you all and talk to you really soon!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Review | KYLIE Send Me More Nudes

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! A few weeks ago, I got my parcel from which is basically a makeup web shop. 
The product that I got was this set of KYLIE Send Me More Nudes matte liquid lipsticks. 
There are four lipsticks in this set which I will be reviewing today.

The package is very beautiful, pink and gold combination. Send Me More Nudes is written by a lovely font and the letters are gold as well as these little drops on the top so the background is a lighter shade of pink.
I really like the package, it looks so expensive.
You are probably wondering why I said It looks rather than It is , well you might guessed it right - these lipsticks aren't original KYLIE cosmetics, but dupes.
The package isn't as the original one because the original one should be all in gold. 

The set costs only $13 for four liquid matte lipsticks, which I think is a pretty good and affordable price. But are they worth even those $13? 
Keep reading to find out.

These are the swatches listed by the order in which I will review the lipsticks. 
The colours aren't like the real ones in KYLIE cosmetics set at all. And they aren't nude at all. But I think the colors are still pretty, especially for the spring time that's coming. They are good pigmented and your lips don't feel sticky at all, they get that matte feeling. I think I need to share my sister's experience with these lipsticks. She applied one of these lipsticks and her lips reacted weirdly and they kind of got hurt. I think it might be because of the way she put or took the lipstick off because when I applied it, nothing really happened. My lips reacted normally but I still needed to share it with you because I am always truly honest with you in these reviews. 

The first lipstick has this fuchsia colour which is going to be so pretty for this spring, I am honestly so excited to wear it! 
I think it doesn't look bad on my lips and I might like this colour the most. 
I was looking forward to receiving this set because I thought I would get nude lipsticks, because I think they are most appropriate for everyday uses but receiving these bright colours might be good for me, to kind of get out of my nude lipsticks obsession although I am still not planning to use these every day, I think it'd be too much.

The second lipstick would be in some kind of pink colour with really conspicuous orange pigment. 
It's also nice colour but they all look similar so I have nothing special to say about each one. 

This would be a third lipstick which is clearly in orange colour. I have never been a fan of orange lipsticks but I'll try to fit this into my makeup for some special days in this spring when I want to highlight my lips.
I am always that person who has a lot of different lipsticks but always uses one because I like it the most so I doubt I will wear every single one of these, I'll probably get obsessed with one soon and use it till I get bored with it.

The previous one and this, the last one, look almost the same when you apply them on your lips, although the swatches show the difference. This one is a little bit lighter. 

About removing these lipsticks, it can be really hard! You won't be able to remove them without micelar water or some other strong makeup removers. 

To sum it up, I think these lipsticks aren't bad for the price you get them. offers probably one of the best dupes you can find online so don't hesitate to check them out!

Thank you all so much for reading and talk to you really soon! 
Love you all so much! 


Monday, February 12, 2018

Look Like A Princess

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
How are you? I hope you are doing well and I wish you good luck in this week, I hope you will do your best when it comes to your job or school!
In this post, I will share with you a web shop which I recently found called Kemmedress

On their web site you can find lovely range of ball gown prom dresses which I am about to show you, I mean, just a few of them. But, before I get into this, I want to mention how amazing their web site is. It's so simple but so organized. You can easily find a perfect dress you are looking for there, because they have so many categories to make it easier for you and I am really happy about that because most of the web shops of this genre don't have well organized web sites and it makes it so hard to find anything you are looking for.
I will show you a few of ball gown prom dresses now and also, be sure to check out their lace dresses : . That ones are stunning!

Aren't they absolutely amazing?! I think they leave some kind of 'princess effect' and I would definitely wear any of these on my prom which, by the way, I cannot wait for! Two years until my prom and I am already thinking about that... 
If you are searching for prom dresses on Kemmedress , you should also check out plus size prom dresses and two piece prom dress categories

That was all for this post! I really hope you have enjoyed it! 
Please leave me a comment down below saying which of these dresses is your favorite and what have you or would you wear to your prom night?
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


Friday, February 9, 2018

New In | Rosegal

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
I remembered doing a little bit shopping on Rosegal a pretty long time ago but I forgot to show you what I had bought so I finally took a few photos and decided to share these products with you. So it looks kind of funny for naming this post 'new in' since I have this for a longer period of time now, but I am not really creative when it comes to figuring out my post titles.

Before we get into this, I just want to tell you I didn't dye my hair, I am just experimenting with some editing programs and I thought it'd be cool to share it with you. Does red hair suit me? Maybe I should dye my hair? Hmm...

 The first product I got was this lovely gray sweater. It's so soft and cozy! I love to wear it around the house or when I am too lazy to figure out my school outfit so I just throw this on with some black jeans and I think it looks really nice.
The material is, as I said, very soft but some of the ends on the sleeves have got out but it's okay, it can be fixed. 

I'm not sure how much it costed because it's sold out now so I cannot check it, but I'll leave you a link below so if they get new ones on Rosegal, you can check it out then. 

Get it --> HERE . 

The second and the last thing I got in this little haul was this face cleanser with multiple of these little extensions. This little device is supposed to help you with blackheads and I am sure we all sometimes have a few of those so I think it is helpful but not a necessary item, if you understand me. 
It's not really the best way of treating your skin by using this device because it's not really good to squeeze out your little blackheads, I'd suggest you trying to let them disappear by themselves or use some face products. It's not a bad product and it's pretty easy to use it but I don't see it as a must-have. 
That's my personal opinion. But it's pretty affordable so if you want to try it, why not, but it's currently unavailable, I'll also leave you a link so check for it later, maybe they will get new ones.

Get it --> HERE .

That was all for this post! Really hope you have enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading!
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
How are you? I hope you are doing great!
In this post, I will share with you a web shop I recently found out about called BerryLook where you can find Women's Clothing Online. There you can find stylish women clothes, mostly Fashion Dresses . 

I will share with you a few products from BerryLook, I think it's really worth checking out this web shop because there you can find amazing fashion pieces for affordable prices. 

As you can see, BerryLook offers really elegant pieces that can also be used for everyday purposes . 
These products are statement kind of clothes that make you look dressed up without even trying hard. Definitely check out BerryLook to find our more!

That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading, hope you have enjoyed it! 
I love you all and talk to you really soon!


Saturday, February 3, 2018

January Favourites 2018

Hello my loves and welcome to the new post on my blog!
This post is going to be a little recap of the products I have been loving through the month of January and which I will, certainly, keep using in the future months. 

Since it's was the beginning of 2018, I decided I will take care more about my skin as one of my New Year's resolutions so I set a goal for myself to investigate a little bit about skin care products and start using the ones I already have. I did my research halfway but I didn't buy new products yet, but I am planning to so there will be a haul on my blog when I do that, so I focused on trying these products I already have. 
My sister bought this Byphasse cleansing milk, hmm, I'm not sure when but it's been a few months for sure. She gave it to me or I just took it from her and started using it, I don't really remember haha but what I can tell you for sure about this product is that it's amazing for taking off your makeup! It easily removes the makeup, especially mascara, which I used to have problems with taking off before. The best thing is that it leaves your skin so smooth afterwards. 
I don't know if you heard before about Byphasse but I think this product is definitely great and I hope I will try more of their products.
The next skin care product is the one I actually have a little review on my blog, but I needed to mention it again - Lush Ultrabland (YOU CAN READ THE REVIEW HERE!).
I needed to mention it again because I literally didn't use it for a few months and started again. I would just clean my makeup before with wet wipes which, I realized, made my skin awful.
So I like to use this product as well as the one I mentioned before. But the difference is that I only use the Byphasse product when I am more for washing my face with hot water, like when I arrive home from school and I use Lush products for taking off my makeup when I take it off before bed, because I don't need to use water so it won't kind of wake me up. 
This product is absolutely amazing! On the back, it says you should use it for like twenty days or so to completely bring your skin balance and totally clear it. 
I have been using it through the month of January and I can tell you, for sure, it has helped me a lot because my skin is absolutely clear now and I am really satisfied by it. The fact that I started eating healthier may be helping this,too, but this product has definitely made an impact.

Another New Year's resolution for me was to bring my hair the beauty it had before. My hair got split ends and dandruff and I knew I was doing something wrong. More about dandruff and getting rid of it and basically all about my hair care routine will be published on my blog soon but I needed to share this product with you. It is Balea Hitze Schutz Spray which you use before drying, straightening or curling your hair and which prevents split ends which are caused by high temperature.
It's great and it totally works because I have noticed so much progress when it comes to my hair.

I have also mentioned this product before in one of my hauls and now I can tell you it's pretty good for it's price. I'm talking about Essence matte liquid lipstick. I really like how it looks on my lips and it doesn't give them a full matte look but it's still good. Doesn't leave your lips dry and the colors from this range are natural and beautiful. You have all of my recommendations for this one!

I have finally read the book everyone is so obsessed with. It is 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini  and I am totally fascinated with this book. I think everyone should read it so I won't give you any details to not ruin the experience of reading this amazing piece. It's just an amazing story with big message to all of us and it's more than worth of your time. If you have already read it , please tell me in the comments down below did you like it and please recommend me some more books in this genre because I really enjoyed this book and I want to read more similar ones.
I think Chicovnik is worth mentioning again on my blog because I went through the month of January with this lovely planner and it helped me a lot to focus on what matters and realize where I am wasting my time, to gain some good habits and let go of the bad ones. I think every single one of you out there should use some kind of planner because it seriously helps a lot. I don't personally use it every day because I like to sit down every few days and plan my next few days out. That way, it's a lot better for me and I am really happy I decided to buy this one. 

I basically cannot stress enough about the fact that Riverdale and Criminal Minds are so good!
I love these two TV shows but I am not going to talk a lot about them because I think I basically mention them in every favourites post. Just watch them. Please. 

When it comes to music, I didn't really discover any new songs so if you have some you think I'd want to listen to, please write me down below!
That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading it! I love you all so,so much and talk to you really soon!


*this post is not sponsored with any of the mentioned brands*

Friday, February 2, 2018

Zaful Wishlist | Spring 2018

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
Happy Friday! How did you survive through this past week? I was waiting for this Friday from ... Monday. Literally. I am in the phase of organizing my school and blogging life, with the rest of the things I do in a week, like taking English course classes or just taking some time to getting healthier in general. 
So this post is going to be a little Zaful wishlist because I found some cute pinky stuff on there which I think would be perfect for spring time that's coming really soon. Also, there is Zaful Valentine's Day 2018 Special Promotion going on currently so definitely check it out! I'd love to hear you in the comments down below : are you celebrating Valentine's Day and if you are, are you planning on buying gifts for your loved ones? 

Coat -> HERE!
Sunglasses -> HERE!
Sneakers -> HERE! 

That was all for this post! Thank you so much for reading this post!
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!